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Haugen says she does not cognize what the intent of the Facebook oversight committee is. Facebook actively misled it, she says.

Haugen says she could person filed for whistelblower extortion successful the US due to the fact that Facebook is simply a nationalist company. But that would not use if it had been a backstage company, she says.

Haugen says astir 5.7m Facebook users were fixed peculiar privileges that meant they were taxable to less checks.

She suggests Facebook should person to people its probe connected a one-way lag.

She says Facebook lied to its ain oversight committee astir this.

Q: Could you marque immoderate of these measures mandatory successful the measure we are looking at?

Haugen says insignificant changes to settings tin marque a difference.

Facebook should beryllium mandated to measure the risks, she says.

And they should person to articulate solutions, she says.

Haugen says it has been claimed she is simply a works to beforehand censorship.

But she says determination are techniques that could code the occupation that bash not impact censorship.

For example, she says if you springiness radical contented from household and friends, they volition get little hateful content.

And if you made it harder to stock content, for illustration by requiring radical to transcript and paste, they would stock little divisive content.

She says radical utilized to similar societal media earlier they were getting their worldly from algorithmic feeds.

Q: Why doesn’t Facebook bash this?

Haugen says Facebook has not been consenting to let thing that would chopped profits adjacent by a little.

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Facebook's advert pricing means 'we are virtually subsidising hate', says Haugen

Haugen says Facebook adverts are priced according to engagement. That means an advert that promotes engagement is cheaper, and it is easier to beforehand choler than compassion oregon empathy, she says. She says that means “we are virtually subsidising hatred connected these platforms”.

Q: The online harms measure focuses connected harm to individuals, not harm to nine astatine large. Is that a mistake?

Haugen says it is.

She says if you look astatine what has happened successful Ethiopia, it looks similar the opening chapters of a horrific story.

Haugen says engagement-based ranking prioritises polarising, extreme, divisive content.

So the existent strategy is biased towards atrocious actors, she says.

In her opening remarks to the committee Haugen said Facebook was “very bully astatine dancing with data” and that its algorithms helped “prioritise utmost content”. She said:

Part of wherefore I came guardant is that I americium highly disquieted astir the information of our societies ... and of the enactment of the choices that Facebook has made and however it plays retired much broadly.

Engagement-based ranking prioritises ... utmost content.

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Facebook is 'unquestionably making hatred worse', says Haugen

Haugen says erstwhile she worked astatine Facebook she thought captious teams were understaffed.

But Facebook has a startup culture, wherever determination is simply a content you tin execute monumental things with precise fewer resources.

She says Facebook whitethorn accidental it is spending $14bn connected safety. But the question is whether it should beryllium spending $25bn oregon $35bn.

Q: Is Facebook making hatred worse?

Haugen says: “Unquestionably it is making hatred worse.”

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Q: Is Facebook investigating its systems each the time?

Haugen says it is moving galore experiments successful parallel.

She says she thinks Facebook should person to people accusation astir these experiments – not what the experimentation is, but what its interaction is connected patterns of behaviour.

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Q: Shouldn’t it beryllium casual for Facebook to mean groups, due to the fact that radical are successful the aforesaid place?

Haugen says, supra a definite size, she thinks groups should supply their ain moderators.

If they are morganatic groups, that should beryllium acceptable, she says.

But she says accusation operations are utilizing these groups to beforehand misinformation.

The Facebook proceeding has started. (See 2.30pm.)

Damian Collins (Con) is chairing the committee.

Frances Haugen says Facebook ne'er acceptable retired to prioritise divisive content. But she says this has happened arsenic as a broadside effect of the prime they made.

She says Facebook says it supports 50 languages. But astir of them get nary attention.

Q: Are we apt to spot much consequences similar the onslaught connected the Capitol?

Haugen says she has “no doubt” that events similar those we person seen successful Myanmar and Ethiopia are lone the “opening chapters” to a caller acceptable of problems driven by this.

She says Facebook says lone a tiny magnitude of its contented promotes violence. But you lone request 3% of the colonisation to person a revolution, she says.

The authorities has launched a antiaircraft societal media run aft MPs faced choler from their constituents implicit past week’s sewage vote, successful which an amendment to the situation measure that would person placed a ineligible work connected h2o companies not to pump discarded into rivers was voted down. My workfellow Helena Horton has the story.

Facebook whistleblower to springiness grounds to MPs and peers astir online harm

Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower who has provided damning grounds astir the company’s disregard for the payment of its users, is astir to springiness grounds to the associated committee of MPs and peers considering the draught online harms bill.

The committee was acceptable up to scrutinise the draught mentation of the measure earlier MPs commencement voting connected the existent authorities arsenic it starts its transition done parliament. This is simply a process sometimes utilized with bills to guarantee imaginable problems are addressed earlier the voting starts. It is simply a mechanics that tends to beryllium deployed erstwhile the issues are peculiarly complex, and the authorities is anxious to get cross-party support.

Here is our preview story.

And present is simply a summary of Haugen’s grounds to Congress connected this taxable 3 weeks ago.

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The Liberal Democrats accidental that, for a full-time idiosyncratic connected the “national surviving wage”, astir fractional (44%) of the summation announced contiguous (see 1.36pm) volition beryllium eaten up by taxation and and nationalist security increase. In a briefing the Lib Dems explain:

Currently, an worker moving 40 hours a week and paid today’s nationalist surviving wage of £8.91 an hour, takes location £16,264.50 - aft income taxation and the existent complaint of nationalist security (12%).

Once the authorities raises the nationalist surviving wage to £9.50, and nationalist security to 13.25%, that idiosyncratic volition spot their instrumentality location wage emergence by £707 a year. However, if the authorities hadn’t raised nationalist insurance, they would person seen their after-tax income summation by £835 instead.

This means that they would person been capable to support implicit 2 thirds (68%) of their wage rise, whereas present they volition lone instrumentality location conscionable implicit fractional (58%).

Once combined with the chopped to cosmopolitan credit, the aforesaid idiosyncratic could beryllium near poorer by £780 a year.

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There volition beryllium 4 urgent questions successful the Commons astatine 3.30pm.

Labour Whips (@labourwhips)

4 Urgent Questions successful the Commons this afternoon:

- @libdemdaisy to Health connected NHS England funding

- @CarolineLucas to Home Office connected Afghan citizens' resettlement scheme

- @ChiOnwurah to FCO connected the apprehension of the Sudanese PM

- @TulipSiddiq to FCO connected Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

October 25, 2021

'National surviving wage' to emergence to £9.50 an hr adjacent year, Sunak announces

The Treasury has conscionable announced that the “national surviving wage” is acceptable to summation from £8.91 to £9.50 an hr arsenic portion of the autumn budget.

As PA Media reports, the 59p emergence means a full-time idiosyncratic connected the surviving wage would spot their yearly income leap by much than £1,000. The nationalist surviving wage was introduced successful 2016 and sets the minimum hourly wage a idiosyncratic implicit the property of 23 tin gain erstwhile working.

The caller complaint volition travel into unit connected 1 April adjacent year. For those aged 21 and 22, the nationalist minimum wage volition emergence from £8.36 an hr to £9.18 an hr – a 82p increase. And the apprentice complaint volition emergence from £4.30 an hr to £4.81 an hour.

In a quality release, the Treasury said the increases were arsenic recommended by the Low Pay Commission. The Treasury said:

By introducing these changes, which are broadly accordant with erstwhile increases, the authorities accepts each recommendations made by the Low Pay Commission – an autarkic advisory committee which brings unneurotic economists, leader and worker representatives.

The authorities remains committed to gathering its ambitious people of a nationalist surviving wage of two-thirds of median net and expanding it to see workers implicit the property of 21 by 2024, provided economical conditions allow.

Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, said:

This is simply a authorities that is connected the broadside of moving people. This wage boost ensures we’re making enactment wage and keeps america connected way to conscionable our people to extremity debased wage by the extremity of this parliament.

Rishi Sunak.
Rishi Sunak. Photograph: Jeff Overs/BBC/AFP/Getty Images

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