Facebook Papers: VP Warns Employees 'Brace For Bad Headlines'

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Facebook had interior probe that showed it lone took 2 days for a caller idiosyncratic to commencement seeing QAnon contented if they looked astatine blimpish news.

Facebook Vice President Nick Clegg warned employees to brace for much atrocious headlines successful an interior memo obtained by Axios. Documents from whistleblower Frances Haugen are revealing much accusation astir however the institution handled problematic contented connected its platforms earlier and aft past year's elections. 

Our exertion analogous Tyler Adkisson joins america from Chicago.

DAVE BRIGGS: Tyler, bully morning. The leak contains tens of thousands of documents. What are the caller takeaways?

TYLER ADKISSON: So 1 of the biggest things that came retired of this was that Facebook had interior probe that showed that it lone took 2 days for a caller idiosyncratic to commencement seeing QAnon contented if they were progressive oregon looked astatine blimpish news. Effectively, what they recovered was that successful 2019 a researcher astatine Facebook created a fake relationship successful bid to trial however the company's proposal systems fundamentally fed misinformation and polarizing contented to them. And, you know, they recovered that it truly lone took 2 days for them to get progressive successful extremist ideology. At that point, additionally to that, they recovered that Facebook's policies and procedures failed to halt the maturation of the "stop the steal" groups, which ended up contributing to a batch of the ample crowds that we saw Jan. 6 astatine the Capitol insurrection. You know, according to these leaked documents, it recovered that fundamentally — successful portion due to the fact that of the idiosyncratic backlash — that erstwhile they started taking these safeguards disconnected that much and much radical are getting sent to these groups similar that. And extracurricular of the U.S., determination were besides a batch of issues astir however they were handling contented internationally, for instance, successful India wherever Facebook has truly struggled to woody with misinformation and hatred code they recovered that the largest — they had 340 cardinal users determination astatine a definite constituent — but what these documents amusement is fundamentally each of safeguards that were enactment successful spot successful bid to marque definite that hatred code and things didn't dispersed retired successful India did not enactment effectively. They recovered that portion lone 13% of Facebook's planetary fund was spent classifying this information, that it ended up exposing radical to a batch much than that. 

BRIGGS: OK, Tyler. Recent reports bespeak Facebook whitethorn beryllium considering a sanction change. Any connection connected what they mightiness alteration it to? And however is that perceived successful the tech community? 

ADKISSON: So I deliberation that the sanction change, astatine slightest not truthful overmuch successful the tech community, but with different businesses, it benignant of shows that Facebook is successful the presumption that accidental idiosyncratic similar Philip Morris was a mates years agone erstwhile they ended up changing their name. You know, I don't deliberation that is needfully going to halt radical from knowing what they've been progressive in. But down the line, I deliberation that sanction alteration volition astir apt — effectively, what they're trying to bash is marque it truthful that they volition region themselves from each this atrocious quality coming out. Now, it's not wide precisely what the sanction alteration is, but if you look astatine immoderate of the domains that Facebook owns close now, 1 of the imaginable names that they whitethorn beryllium moving into is Meta. If you spell to Meta.com it really sends you backmost to a Facebook-owned tract named Meta.org. And fixed the information that Facebook is trying to determination into a metaverse universe, it's apt that that could perchance beryllium a name. It should beryllium revealed astatine immoderate constituent this week. But it's not precisely wide erstwhile that's going to hap oregon what the sanction is going to be.

BRIGGS: You tin really stake connected what they volition alteration their sanction to. There are existent betting likelihood out, and "meta" and "verse" are going to beryllium portion of it.