Facebook reinstates Victorian Labor’s ‘Matthew Guy’ page used for ad attacks after marking it as satire

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Facebook removed a Facebook leafage titled “Matthew Guy– The Liberal Cuts Guy” operated by the Victorian Labor enactment due to the fact that it allegedly breached the platform’s integrity and individuality policy, and has lone reinstated the leafage erstwhile it was intelligibly marked arsenic satire.

Labor spent much than $116,000 boosting onslaught ads utilizing the page, criticising the Liberal leader’s grounds successful authorities and his predetermination policies. It is present showering cardinal electorates successful anti-Greens ads via different dedicated Facebook leafage up of Saturday’s Victorian election.

As reported by Guardian Australia, the Labor-authorised Facebook leafage was mysteriously deleted past week. It was the second-biggest governmental advertisement spender connected Facebook successful the past month, trailing lone Victorian Labor’s main enactment account.

Neither Labor nor Facebook’s genitor company, Meta, had responded to requests for remark astir whether the leafage was removed by the institution oregon voluntarily deleted by the enactment past week.

But a Meta spokesperson this week said Facebook had taken the leafage down owed to an alleged breach of interior policies.

“We person a fig of policies for pages to summation transparency and assistance to beforehand an informed electorate,” the spokesperson said.

“This leafage was initially removed due to the fact that it did not intelligibly pass that it is not the authoritative Matthew Guy page, which whitethorn beryllium misleading to immoderate users.”

The leafage reappeared earlier this week, labelled arsenic “Satire/parody” and with a enactment to accidental it “is not the authoritative Matthew Guy page”. That disclaimer sits close supra an authorisation connection from Labor’s authorities secretary, Chris Ford.

The page, arsenic of 24 November, has not tally immoderate ads since 15 November.

“The leafage has been reinstated arsenic it present includes accusation that identifies it arsenic a parody leafage and intelligibly states it is not the authoritative Matthew Guy page,” Meta said.

The leafage had received a ailment against it, but Meta would not accidental wherever the ailment originated.

A Labor run spokesperson noted that the leafage had been updated.

“We were asked to classify this leafage arsenic ‘parody’ to beryllium accordant with the platform’s argumentation – but there’s thing comic astir Matthew Guy’s plans for cuts and closures,” the spokesperson said.

Labor is outspending the Liberals by up to 3 times connected societal media ads.

Labor precocious launched a caller page, titled Greens Facts. Also carrying an authorisation connection from Ford, and linking to a Labor-authorised website, the leafage is boosting 4 types of ads attacking the Greens.

Ad room information shows the ads are being targeted towards suburbs wrong the electorates of Richmond and Northcote, wherever Labor is locked successful adjacent contests with the Greens.

Guardian Australia reported this week that the Greens had accused Labor of moving “a hopeless and dirty” run by moving the aforesaid claims connected billboards and flyers.

The Labor spokesperson defended the ads.

“The behaviour of members of the Greens governmental enactment arsenic reported successful galore outlets, including the Guardian, is simply a substance for them,” the spokesperson said.