Facebook teeming with lies about elections, US Census, internal study shows

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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg One successful 5 Facebook users person seen contented that discourages them from participating successful "civic processes," according to an interior Facebook study. AFP via Getty Images

Fear-mongering posts discouraging Americans from voting successful US elections and participating successful the US Census person tally rampant connected Facebook, according to an interior institution survey obtained by The Post. 

A whopping 20 percent of US Facebook users person seen contented that discourages oregon interferes with them participating successful elections, according to a 2019 survey of 3,000 users. 

Some posts encouraged supporters of Donald Trump to ballot online — an intolerable proposition — portion others falsely claimed that voters should enactment location from the polls since Trump had already won, according to substance responses that users submitted to Facebook. 

Certain imaginable voters besides said they were told that they could registry to ballot online successful states wherever that isn’t an option, portion others were encouraged to enactment location connected predetermination time “to marque a statement.” 

“There are a batch of fake quality accounts posting mendacious accusation trying to dissuade radical from voting,” concluded 1 idiosyncratic successful the study. 

The uncover of the survey — which did not analyse the sources of the misleading posts but alternatively however galore users assertion to person seen them — comes arsenic Facebook takes occurrence for failing to ace down connected hatred code and mendacious news. Leaked messages amusement that immoderate Facebook employees judge Mark Zuckerberg has enactment profits implicit safety, with 1 declaring, “History volition not justice america kindly.” 

One successful 5 users person seen “interference” contented astir elections, leaked Facebook documents show.

The study, titled “User Perspectives connected Voter and Census Disenfranchisement,” was revealed successful disclosures made to the Securities and Exchange Commission and provided to Congress successful redacted signifier by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen’s legal counsel. A consortium of quality organizations, including The Post, has obtained the redacted versions received by Congress.

The survey besides showed that 1 successful 3 users reported seeing immoderate signifier of mendacious quality astir elections connected Facebook, portion astir 15 percent saw “direct calls not to enactment successful the Census,.”

Lies dispersed connected Facebook astir the census included “conspiracy mentation spam” that was seemingly designed to halt undocumented immigrants from responding to the Census, users successful the survey said.

A screenshot of the Facebook studFacebook users described mendacious accusation astir elections circulating connected the societal media site.

One idiosyncratic wrote that they had seen posts saying “people would beryllium successful information of being deported if they participated.” Another idiosyncratic reported seeing posts telling “immigrants to not reply their doors” and “not respond to questions.”

Since national backing for schools, transit, lodging and different authorities services is allocated based connected population, undercounting a state’s colonisation successful the US Census tin trim that state’s stock of authorities money.

The fig of Congressional representatives a authorities gets is besides allocated based connected census data, truthful suppressing Census responses tin trim the magnitude of power a fixed authorities has successful Washington.  

Facebook spokesperson Kevin McAlister said the institution utilized the 2019 survey to pass its policies during the 2020 election.

“We invested successful interior probe to assistance teams proactively place wherever we could amended our products and policies up of the US 2020 elections,” McAlister said successful a connection to The Post. “This probe helped to pass our attack to treble down connected providing reliable accusation astir voting done informational labels and our Voting Information Center, arsenic good arsenic updates we made to our elector interference policies. We’re arrogant we ran the largest voting accusation effort successful U.S. past that helped much than 4 cardinal radical registry to vote.”