Facebook to Shut Down Facial Recognition System, Delete Data of 1 Billion Users

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Facebook Inc. connected Tuesday announced it is shutting down its facial recognition strategy that identifies users successful videos and photos, portion claiming it volition delete “facial designation templates” of much than 1 cardinal people.

“Regulators are inactive successful the process of providing a wide acceptable of rules governing its use,” Jerome Pesenti, vice president of artificial quality astatine Facebook, wrote successful a blog post. “Amid this ongoing uncertainty, we judge that limiting the usage of facial designation to a constrictive acceptable of usage cases is appropriate.”

Facebook, whose genitor institution rebranded itself to Meta Platforms Inc., added that astir one-third of each Facebook users person signed up for the look designation setting. The strategy was acceptable up astir a decennary ago, initially designed to support Facebook users engaged with the platform.

The feature, introduced successful December 2010, allowed users to prevention clip by automatically identifying them successful photos. It besides automatically identified individuals who appeared successful others’ integer photograph albums and allowed users to “tag” them, which would nexus their Facebook accounts to a information of the image.

But implicit the years, the strategy has fueled privateness concerns, including instances wherever individuals were falsely identified, arsenic good arsenic lawsuits. Facebook successful caller months has besides faced unprecedented scrutiny from assorted lawmakers and regulators implicit its different practices.

Inside China, the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) employs a immense surveillance web that employs facial designation capabilities to way dissidents, including adherents of the Falun Gong spiritual subject that has been taxable to a decades-long run of panic and persecution astatine the hands of the CCP.

In the United States, immoderate municipalities person banned the usage of facial designation bundle amid concerns of overreach and mistaken arrests. Privacy groups including the American Civil Liberties Union person raised reddish flags astir the bundle for years.

Meanwhile, a class-action suit filed against Facebook successful 2015 led to 1 of the largest-ever privateness suit settlements erstwhile a justice earlier this twelvemonth said Facebook tin wage $650 cardinal to users who claimed the firm created and stored scans of their faces without their consent.

“This change,” Facebook’s Pesenti added successful the post, “will correspond 1 of the largest shifts successful facial designation usage successful the technology’s history. More than a 3rd of Facebook’s regular progressive users person opted successful to our Face Recognition mounting and are capable to beryllium recognized, and its removal volition effect successful the deletion of much than a cardinal people’s idiosyncratic facial designation templates.”

The programme volition beryllium unopen down successful the “coming weeks,” helium added, saying the determination would besides impact Facebook’s Automatic Alt Text exertion utilized to make representation descriptions for radical who are blind.

“Every caller exertion brings with it imaginable for some payment and concern, and we privation to find the close balance. In the lawsuit of facial recognition, its semipermanent relation successful nine needs to beryllium debated successful the open, and among those who volition beryllium astir impacted by it,” Pesenti continued. “We volition proceed engaging successful that speech and moving with the civilian nine groups and regulators who are starring this discussion.”

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Jack Phillips

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