Facing rising rents, mobile home park residents are buying their land

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A locomotion tin beryllium a bully clip to bespeak connected a journey.

On a stroll done the Durango, Colorado, mobile location parkland she moved to erstwhile she was 13, Alejandra Chavez stops astatine the portion her parents owned.

“They bought it for $3,000,” she says.

Chavez moved to confederate Colorado from Mexico to unrecorded with her parents, who worked aggregate jobs to marque ends meet.

“The American imagination is hard,” she says.

Chavez says it tin beryllium hard to find affordable lodging successful Durango. The mean location goes for much than $700,000, according to Zillow.

For many, a mobile location is 1 of the fewer affordable options erstwhile looking for a spot to live.

“We enactment successful restaurants, immoderate of our neighbors are nurses, we person dentists, we person housekeeping,” Chavez says, describing the value of the workers who unrecorded successful her parkland erstwhile it comes to the section economy.

In galore mobile location parks, residents ain the units they unrecorded successful but inactive wage rent to a landlord for the onshore it sits on.

To investors, mobile location parks are a existent property opportunity.

More investors are buying mobile location  parks, leaving residents behind

More investors are buying mobile location parks, leaving residents behind

One of America's much affordable lodging options is present a people of investors, who often rise rent and different fees.


Mobile Home University, which teaches investors however to bargain and run mobile location parks, says buying a mobile location parkland tin make a instrumentality of much than 20%. That's higher than what the mean yearly instrumentality typically is connected the banal market.

For those who unrecorded successful mobile location parks, the acquisition of onshore tin mean a spike successful rent.

“People present successful West Side, they already person 2 jobs to enactment their family, you know,” Chavez says.

In 2021, erstwhile West Side’s erstwhile proprietor enactment the parkland up for sale, the residents who lived determination recovered a mode to bargain it for much than $5.5 million. They got fiscal enactment from the nonprofit Elevation Community Land Trust.

West Side’s residents besides took vantage of a instrumentality successful Colorado that says erstwhile a parkland is going to beryllium sold, the proprietor indispensable springiness residents a acceptable fig of days to travel up with an connection to bargain it. In 2022, the law changed from 90 days to 120.

Twenty states person akin laws, according to the National Consumer Law Center.

“When we came here, we looked astatine the housing, and yikes,” says mobile location parkland nonmigratory Karen Pontius.

Pontius lives astatine the Animas View mobile location parkland astir 10 miles from West Side successful Durango.

She and her neighbors banded unneurotic successful 2021 and bought their parkland for astir $15 cardinal erstwhile it was up for sale.

They were helped by the non-profit ROC USA which has helped found mobile location co-ops crossed the country.

Instead of a landlord calling the shots connected rent, a committee of residents makes the call.

Housing shortage leads to skyrocketing location  prices

Housing shortage leads to skyrocketing location prices

According to the National Association of Realtors, the median location terms successful April 2022 jumped to much than $391,000 — an all-time high.


“We marque decisions astir our parkland ourselves alternatively of an capitalist successful New York City making those decisions,” says Animas View nonmigratory John Egan, who is present connected the committee of directors for ROC USA.

While laws that springiness residents a accidental to bargain their onshore exist, it’s inactive an uphill conflict erstwhile a parkland is enactment up for sale.

Since 2020, residents successful lone 5 parks person been capable to acquisition their onshore portion much than 100 person been sold successful Colorado, according to state records.

Chavez leads the co-op successful complaint of West Side. She’s moving to marque definite the accidental this parkland gave her volition continue.

“Living successful a mobile location park, I’m not ashamed to beryllium surviving successful a mobile location park,” Chavez says. "I’m arrogant even, I’m arrogant of surviving successful a mobile location park.”