Facts Matter (Oct. 22): Audio Leaked from White House Shows DOJ Acknowledge Pro-Life Exemptions to Mandate

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Facts Matter (Oct. 22): Audio Leaked from White House Shows DOJ Acknowledge Pro-Life Exemptions to Mandate

According to recently obtained, leaked audio from wrong the White House, the Department of Justice is good alert that galore Americans with spiritual convictions judge that utilizing fetal cells successful vaccine improvement is evil, and also, that the national authorities indispensable assistance them spiritual exemptions.

That is, of course, what they are saying down closed doors. However, publicly, it’s a antithetic story.

For instance, during a caller CNN statesmanlike municipality hall, erstwhile President Joe Biden was asked whether constabulary officers and archetypal responders should suffer their jobs if they neglect to instrumentality the vaccine, helium simply answered, “Yes.”

And it’s not lone constabulary officers and archetypal responders who are astatine hazard of losing their jobs.

The Epoch Times combed done the information of the U.S. subject and recovered that determination are inactive hundreds of thousands of American subject troops who stay unvaccinated—even arsenic the mandatory vaccine deadline is looming ahead.

Lastly, I sat down and spoke with Kevin Freeman, the big of the “Economic War Room,” and we discussed the economical warfare that China is engaging against the United States, arsenic good arsenic however you tin weaponize your spending to amended combat for your values.

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