Facts Matter (Oct. 25): Fauci’s Agency Spent $1.6 Million on Torture-Like Experiments on Beagle Puppies: Report

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Facts Matter (Oct. 25): Fauci’s Agency Spent $1.6 Million connected Torture-Like Experiments connected Beagle Puppies: Report

If you inactive person a Twitter account, past you might’ve noticed that the hashtag “Arrest Fauci” was trending implicit the weekend.


Well, portion of the crushed has to bash with recently uncovered backing that Dr. Anthony Fauci, successful his relation arsenic manager of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, provided to 4 antithetic laboratories for conducting experiments connected puppies—which progressive carnal harm and, eventually, sidesplitting them.

Meanwhile, arsenic the Biden medication has stopped operation of the confederate borderline wall—calling it a discarded of money—newly released documents amusement that the Department of Homeland Security spent astir fractional a cardinal dollars gathering a partition astir President Joe Biden’s Delaware Beach House.

And lastly, portion I was down successful Texas, I took the accidental to beryllium down and talk with Mr. Kevin Freeman, big of the Economic WarRoom, and we discussed the economical warfare that the Chinese authorities has launched utilizing the United States and others, arsenic good arsenic however you tin weaponize your spending to combat for your values.

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