Facts Matter (Oct. 28): ‘Ample Scientific Data’ has 11 Lawmakers Introduce ‘Natural Immunity Is Real’ Act

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Facts Matter (Oct. 28): ‘Ample Scientific Data’ has 11 Lawmakers Introduce ‘Natural Immunity Is Real’ Act

In Kentucky, a precocious schoolhouse principal—who besides happens to beryllium the politician of the city—was photographed getting a thigh creation from antheral students during a schoolhouse lawsuit called the “man pageant.” And oddly enough, these photos weren’t someway leaked. They were alternatively proudly posted connected Facebook.

Meanwhile, arsenic vaccine mandates are being rolled retired crossed the country, 11 lawmakers person conscionable introduced a caller measure called the “Natural Immunity Is Real Act,” which volition unit the national authorities to admit natural immunity to COVID-19 and let those with earthy antibodies to opt-out from getting the shot.

In Louisiana, a parent of a 16-year-old lad is considering suing her schoolhouse district, aft a mobile vaccination van rolled done the schoolhouse and vaccinated her son—without her permission.

Lastly, arsenic grounds numbers of amerciable immigrants are crossing the U.S. confederate border, the Biden administration’s caput of Homeland Security conscionable issued a caller memo—directing ICE to not apprehension amerciable aliens successful aggregate locations that helium referred to arsenic “protected areas.”


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