Falun Gong Adherents in Canada See Spike in Harassment as Key CCP Meeting Nears

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Beijing is reportedly ramping up harassment and persecution campaigns against dissidents astatine location and overseas up of the communist regime’s nationalist meeting, with members of a Chinese spiritual signifier and different dissidents successful Canada saying they are experiencing accrued assault, harassment, and intimidation.

Toronto-area nonmigratory Jeff Lee, a spokesperson for Falun Gong, a persecuted radical successful China, said determination has been a surge successful the fig of incidents targeting adherents crossed Ontario, and that successful immoderate cases aggressors person travelled implicit 100 kilometres to harass adherents.

Lee said that from the grounds helium has collected, helium has “very bully reason” to judge that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is down the harassment and believes that the surge successful the fig of cases is owed to the upcoming National Congress, a large nationalist gathering of top-ranking Party members.

Held successful Beijing, the week-long 20th National Congress is scheduled to statesman connected Oct. 16. A Party legislature is held each 5 years and is considered 1 of the astir important events for the CCP, with implicit 2,000 delegates—representing each of the Party’s 90 cardinal members—selecting a astir 200-member cardinal committee, including the 25-member Politburo, the highest enactment of the party.

“Every clip determination is simply a large lawsuit successful the Party, the CCP would motorboat wide arrests, and jailing and adjacent sidesplitting anyone whom it deems an adversary,” Lee told The Epoch Times. “The 20th National Congress is the astir important of the events that [the CCP] indispensable guarantee the information of.”

Epoch Times Photo Chinese Communist Party person Xi Jinping speaks astatine the opening league of the 19th Communist Party Congress successful Beijing connected Oct. 18, 2017. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

In a Sept. 27 property conference, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, which oversees the country’s constabulary force, touted the occurrence of its alleged “100-Day Operation,” which has led to the apprehension of more than 1.43 cardinal people since June 25. The ministry said it resolved 640,000 transgression cases done the operation.

The Chinese-language variation of The Epoch Times learned that constabulary besides targeted galore non-criminals successful the sweep, including Chinese civilians, dissidents, activists, petitioners, and Falun Gong adherents.

Between July and August this year, astatine slightest 1,043 adherents of the accepted spiritual signifier were arbitrarily arrested successful China, according to Minghui.org, a website that documents the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong. A full of 614 homes were illegally searched and 62 radical were forcefully sent to brainwashing centres, Minghui reported.

Falun Gong, besides called Falun Dafa, is simply a spiritual signifier that includes meditative exercises and motivation teachings based connected the tenets of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. The signifier has been the primary target of a repression run by the CCP implicit the past 23 years. Reports amusement that adherents of the signifier person been subjected to torture, sexual abuse, and adjacent live organ harvesting.

As for the harassment incidents successful Toronto, Lee said helium has referred them to the RCMP and is besides considering filing an exertion with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Harassment, Threats

Lee said 1 caller lawsuit of harassment against Falun Gong adherents successful Toronto peculiarly stands out.

On April 4, a antheral wearing a disguise and a shot headdress ripped a banner belonging to an adherent who was doing the Falun Gong exercises astatine Nathan Phillips Square successful downtown Toronto.

Epoch Times Photo Falun Gong practitioners clasp a candlelight vigil successful beforehand of the Chinese Consulate successful Toronto connected July 13, 2019, holding photos of chap adherents who had died arsenic a effect of persecution successful China. (Handout)

“The feline walked up to the Falun Dafa banner and ripped it for nary reason. He past threw the banner astatine maine and left,” said the practitioner, known by her surname Qiao.

On Sept. 30, the aforesaid antheral assaulted different Falun Gong adherent successful the aforesaid area, Lee said. He said the antheral clawed astatine the adherent, who tried to grounds the assault, but the antheral grabbed his smartphone. The unfortunate managed to wrestle his telephone backmost from the man, who past fled.

Lee said determination has besides been a emergence successful intimidation incidents against Falun Gong practitioners, including instances wherever a Chinese antheral or  pistillate would abruptly attack them and instrumentality photos of them astatine adjacent range, portion sometimes besides making threats.

According to “Silent Invasion,” a 2018 publication by Clive Hamilton connected the CCP’s power operations overseas, Falun Gong is “high connected the database of the regime’s targets successful Canada,” a concern Hamilton says has worsened with the communist regime’s increasing scope into Western societies successful caller years.

Dissidents Targeted

Sheng Xue, a cardinal fig successful the overseas Chinese pro-democracy question successful Canada, said she has been experiencing a surge successful cyberattacks and vilification connected societal media successful caller weeks.

Starting astir Sept. 27, Sheng said she had trouble accessing the net done her telephone and iPad, portion her household members had nary occupation with their devices. She contacted her telecommunications company, which she said tried assorted things to hole the occupation including changing the modem successful her home, but the contented persisted.

On Oct. 1, erstwhile Sheng was astir to be a virtual sheet treatment connected the CCP with an Indian deliberation tank, her net was chopped disconnected abruptly.

What’s much troubling, Sheng said, is the emergence successful attacks against her connected societal media by what she identified arsenic the CCP’s “50-cent Army.” The 50-cent Army is made up of radical hired by the CCP who usage societal media accounts and people net contented with the purpose of shaping nationalist opinion. The individuals often constitute posts that praise the Party’s policies oregon admonish those who disagree, and are reportedly paid 50 cents per post.

After Sheng posted a video connected her Twitter relationship connected Sept. 29 successful which she spoke astir the CCP’s authorities coercion and repression, a ample fig of what appeared to beryllium 50-cent Army members near comments utilizing profanity and slurs, including calling her a “traitor of China.” Some posted a bid of photos of her that were altered successful bid to marque it look she was engaging successful intersexual activities.

Similar comments were near connected her different videos and posts made successful the pursuing days.

Sheng told The Epoch Times she judge that “it’s apt due to the fact that the 20th National Congress is approaching,” and that the CCP is providing funds for specified attacks aimed astatine repressing overseas dissents.

She said she has been targeted with specified attacks before, but seldom by truthful galore net trolls astatine once, and that it’s “unlikely” truthful galore attacks could beryllium uncoordinated.

“The standard seen this clip is unprecedented,” she said.

The past online onslaught she experienced connected a akin standard was successful 2016, Sheng said, erstwhile a Twitter relationship named “Global Snow-Sweeping Alliance” was created and made galore posts attacking her. Sheng’s archetypal name, “Xue,” is the Chinese connection for “Snow.” That Twitter relationship has since been removed.

Sheng said she had blocked the 50-cent Army’s accounts aft erstwhile attacks, but this clip “there are conscionable excessively galore of them” to support up with.

She said the barrage of attacks is grounds that the CCP is “growing peculiarly unconfident and fearful” and is trying to soundlessness disapproval of the authorities by overseas activists.

“This is apt successful narration to the 20th National Congress … and besides China’s National Day connected Oct. 1. That’s wherefore they are acting peculiarly rampant,” Sheng said.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Toronto.