Fans claim ‘The Simpsons’ predicted Astroworld tragedy

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The animated Nostradamus has done it again — or, astatine least, instrumentality creation has.  

Fans of “The Simpsons” person pointed retired yet different lawsuit of the notoriously prophetic amusement seemingly predicting the quality years earlier it occurred, this clip with the caller Astroworld tragedy. While aired episodes of the cartoon person antecedently been credited with anticipating everything from Sept. 11 to Roy Horn being mauled by a tiger, the parallels this clip really don’t person to bash with the bid itself, but with instrumentality creation of it.

A portion of “Simpsons”-inspired integer creation depicting Lisa and Homer walking into a elephantine caput akin to rapper Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” medium screen and signifier acceptable has been circulating connected Twitter with the caption “The Simpsons knew,” the Sun reported. The image, however, ne'er appeared connected “The Simpsons” and is, successful fact, instrumentality creation from 2018, according to the publication. 

Series devotees person recovered immoderate different parallels successful aired footage of the show, though, including a spot successful which Marge, stuck successful traffic, sees a motion speechmaking “Roofi performance 5 miles” and exclaims, “Huh! This performance is oversold. It’s arsenic if a euphony promoter acted unscrupulously.” 

astroworld the simpsons travis scott prediction“Simpsons” instrumentality creation from 2018 has been credited with predicting the Astroworld tragedy. Twitter

“The Simpsons has done it again #AstroWorld,” 1 keen perceiver captioned a tweet of the clip

Another parallel — which has gone peculiarly viral successful videos laying it retired connected TikTok — occurs successful a 1992 occurrence of “The Simpsons” successful which Homer holds up a copy of the fake work World Weekly News, comparing it to promotional art of Scott that went viral the time earlier the fatal Astroworld concert. The real-life Weekly World News has besides famously featured a humanoid carnal named Bat Boy with its jaw agape.

astroworld the simpsons travis scott predictionFans are crediting “The Simpsons” with predicting the Astroworld calamity owed to parallels successful aged episodes.

At slightest 8 people person died since a assemblage crush broke retired astatine Scott’s Astroworld festival successful Texas connected Nov. 5. A wide of concertgoers astatine Houston’s NRG Park “began to compress” to the beforehand of the signifier astatine astir 9:15 p.m., obstructing people’s breathing and causing them to suffer consciousness. Three 100 radical were treated astatine the site, including 11 radical successful cardiac arrest, Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña told reporters aboriginal Saturday.