Fantasy football: Wait to pull the plug on Patrick Mahomes

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Week 7? Well that was something, wasn’t it. A catastrophe astatine each turn. It was “final play of ‘Game of Thrones’ ’’ bad. It was the Nathan Peterman of phantasy weeks.

Between byes and injuries, phantasy managers’ options were thin. Three of the apical 12 quarterbacks were unavailable, positive nary Russell Wilson. Nine of the apical 30 wide receivers were not successful action, 2 of the apical 10 choky ends.

Of the apical 25 phantasy moving backs, six did not play, and that postulation doesn’t adjacent see Dalvin Cook, Saquon Barkley, David Montgomery, Christian McCaffrey, Clyde-Edward-Helaire oregon Chris Carson — each drafted to beryllium starting RBs.

Combined, disconnected the 100 players rostered astir often astatine ESPN, 32 did not play successful Week 7. Essentially 1 retired of each 3 of the apical players.

And of those remaining, of people not each of them had bully weeks. One of the astir flagrantly unspeakable games from Sunday came from the erstwhile bulletproof Patrick Mahomes.

He has been acold from otherworldly this season. And his azygous worst phantasy show successful his vocation came Sunday. In 2018, helium scored less than 20 phantasy points successful a crippled conscionable once. It happened 5 times successful 2019, but 2 of those came aft a genu injury, and 1 of those was his archetypal sub-10-point crippled (9) erstwhile helium suffered the injury. And helium went connected to triumph a Super Bowl that season.

Last year, 1 crippled with less than 20 phantasy points. Back connected track. This season? Well, helium really has OK phantasy numbers — a mates of 30-point games, conscionable 1 nether 20 entering Week 7, bully capable to beryllium QB5. But helium was drafted arsenic QB1, and the driblet successful full yardage, the emergence successful interceptions and less explosive plays were concerning.

Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs calls retired  instructionsPatrick Mahomes’ mediocre Week 7 whitethorn origin you to marque a deal. Wait, if you can.Getty Images

Then came Sunday. He hardly topped 200 yards, had 1 prime and 1 fumble and zero touchdowns. And that was against 1 of the league’s worst defenses.

What connected world are phantasy managers to do? Well, we don’t spot the existent ebbs and flows to alteration importantly this season. We deliberation helium is going to proceed to beryllium erratic. But erratic means you mightiness get different crippled similar Week 7, oregon you mightiness get 400 yards and 5 TDs connected immoderate fixed week.

Trading him present is hard, considering his worth volition beryllium astatine an all-time low. But if you tin land, say, Matthew Stafford, Joe Burrow oregon Justin Herbert with a mean upgrade elsewhere, spell for it. But bully luck uncovering specified a commercialized partner.

The worst happening you tin bash is merchantability good beneath highest value. It is amended to conscionable thrust it retired with Mahomes. Remember, adjacent aft the fearfulness amusement of Week 7, helium volition inactive beryllium QB6 connected the season. Even if helium slips successful coming weeks down Josh Allen, Dak Prescott oregon the commercialized targets listed earlier, helium would stay a top-12 QB.

You tin bash a batch worse. Don’t panic and become the Nathan Peterman of phantasy managers.

Earning trust

Kenneth Gainwell RB, Eagles

If Miles Sanders (ankle) misses time, we similar Gainwell’s upside amended than that of Boston Scott.

Kenyan Drake RB, Raiders

We liked him, past helium stunk and we didn’t. He teased america past week but we didn’t bargain it. After a coagulated crippled Sunday, and Josh Jacobs perpetually dealing with immoderate contented (now a thorax problem), we similar him again. But see him connected probation.

Zach Ertz, TE, Cardinals

We were amazed and excited by however overmuch Ertz was instantly incorporated into the Cardinals’ offense. He is inactive connected waivers successful a fewer leagues.

Jerry Jeudy #10 of the Denver Broncos lines up   Jerry Jeudy’s instrumentality is imminent. Pick him up if you can.Getty Images

Jerry Jeudy WR, Broncos

He has been retired since Week 2. Make definite you cheque your disposable database to spot if idiosyncratic got bushed of waiting and dropped him. He should instrumentality this week.

Breach of trust

Antonio Gibson RB, Washington

His shin occupation isn’t going away. Undroppable based strictly connected volume. But you tin effort to merchantability that measurement to a commercialized partner. He is bye-week filler astatine this point.

Mike Davis RB, Falcons

No specified complications regarding Davis. Can conscionable outright driblet this bust. Getting scarcely fewer touches, and erstwhile helium does get the ball, helium does thing with it.

Allen Robinson WR, Bears

Ranked arsenic WR58 entering week 7, past turned successful different stinker. Blame his offense/QB, but you don’t request him connected your roster.

T.J. Hockenson TE, Lions

Hasn’t been the monster helium was the archetypal 2 weeks, but helium has 20 full targets the past 2 weeks. Sit tight.