Far-right groups in UK target hotels housing Afghan refugees

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The evacuation of thousands of Afghan refugees to the UK aft Kabul fell to the Taliban has triggered an summation successful far-right groups targeting hotels wherever they are being accommodated, according to those monitoring the activities of extremist groups.

Britain First is 1 of the astir salient organisations progressive and, according to its ain website, has made much than a twelve unsolicited visits successful caller weeks to hotels lodging Afghan refugees successful areas including Telford, Stoke-on-Trent and Colchester.

Hope Not Hate, the foundation which monitors the activities of the acold right, says the resettlement schemes for Afhans person became a focal constituent for galore of these groups. It says the accomplishment of the refugees has led to the acold close “reviving, and refining, akin attacks utilized during the Syria crisis”.

The foundation says the acold close is utilizing Islamophobic narratives specified arsenic the “Muslim takeover of Europe”, framing refugees arsenic imaginable terrorists oregon intersexual predators.

Britain First and For Britain, different far-right governmental party, assertion to beryllium acrophobic astir the outgo of the resettlement
 of Afghan refugees to UK taxpayers. For Britain has focused connected claiming the caller migration volition summation unemployment among British workers.

Patriotic Alternative, a achromatic nationalist governmental group, is promoting a “Write to your MP” enactment for its followers, to protestation astir the resettlement of Afghans successful the UK. They person besides done a bid of banner drops with the words “We Will Not Be Replaced”, including 1 successful the constituency of the location secretary, Priti Patel.

The Britain First edifice visits – sometimes fronted by the organisation’s leader, Paul Golding, and Ashlea Simon, who describes herself arsenic main of unit of the enactment – travel a akin formula.

The videos commencement with the aforesaid euphony and past amusement shots, perchance promotional worldly from the hotels’ websites, of luxurious bedrooms and communal areas.

The far-right activists past movie themselves turning up astatine these hotels trying to find the refugees who they incorrectly picture arsenic amerciable immigrants.

They attack them either wrong the hotels oregon successful the grounds, inquire them wherever they’re from and if they’re waiting for a house. When challenged by edifice unit they accidental they are filming for societal media, without volunteering the sanction of the organisation they beryllium to. At that constituent they are usually escorted oregon ordered disconnected the edifice premises.

Britain First accidental that they person been barred from assorted societal media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Instead, they impulse supporters to download the Telegram app wherever they broadcast galore of their anti-migrant edifice videos.

According to Hope Not Hate, immoderate of these caller videos posted connected Telegram person received 40,000 views.

Far-right YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson has precocious posted astir antagonistic Tripadvisor reviews from British visitors to a Scarborough edifice which is accommodating Afghan exile families. Far-right groups person urged their supporters to station antagonistic reviews connected Tripadvisor astir hotels wherever Afghan refugees are being accommodated.

Britain First precocious held a flash protestation extracurricular a edifice lodging Afghan refugees adjacent Wigan. They made allegations that antheral refugees astatine the edifice were sexually harassing schoolgirls, claims that constabulary said were baseless. It is not the archetypal clip the acold close person made these mendacious claims.

Similar claims were made that asylum seekers accommodated astatine Napier barracks successful Folkestone were sexually harassing section schoolgirls. When constabulary investigated the claims they recovered that the schoolhouse was closed astatine the clip of the alleged incidents. The accusation was obtained successful state of accusation requests obtained by the Guardian from Kent region Council.

A spokesperson for Hope Not Hate said: “It’s grimly predictable to spot the acold close harassing Afghan refugees wherever they are living. Immigration has agelong been a absorption of the acold right, but they person capitalised connected the Afghan resettlement strategy to bring unneurotic Islamophobic tropes with anti-migrant hate.

“They are utilizing Islamophobic narratives of a ‘Muslim takeover of Europe’, framing refugees arsenic imaginable terrorists oregon intersexual predators, and underpinning these with a rejection of the governmental strategy to connection a hateful alternative.”

Britain First has been approached for comment.