FBI: Items Linked To Laundrie, Potential Human Remains Found

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By Associated Press
October 20, 2021

The remains and items were recovered successful a swampy country that had antecedently been underwater.

Potential quality remains were recovered Wednesday successful a Florida wilderness country on with items believed to beryllium to Brian Laundrie, whose girlfriend, Gabby Petito, was recovered slain aft helium returned location unsocial from their cross-country roadworthy trip, according to the FBI.

Michael McPherson, main of the Tampa FBI office, said astatine a quality league that it volition instrumentality clip to place the remains, which forensic teams were examining. McPherson said they were recovered adjacent a backpack and a notebook linked to Laundrie.

"We are moving diligently to get those answers for you," McPherson said, adding that the items and remains were recovered successful a swampy country — location to alligators, snakes, coyotes and different wildlife — that had antecedently been underwater. "It's apt the squad volition beryllium connected tract for respective days."

Laundrie's parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, took portion successful the hunt Wednesday with the FBI and constabulary from North Port, Florida, much than a period aft Laundrie was reported missing aft heading to the immense Carlton Reserve park.

"After a little hunt disconnected a way that Brian frequented immoderate articles belonging to Brian were found," Laundrie household lawyer Steven Bertolino said successful a substance to The Associated Press. "As of present instrumentality enforcement is conducting a much thorough probe of that area."

The Sarasota County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed it had been summoned to the reserve but would not remark further.

Laundrie, 23, is simply a idiosyncratic of involvement successful the sidesplitting of Petito, who was reported missing Sept. 11 by her parents portion the mates was connected a cross-country travel retired West.

The lawsuit generated tremendous nationalist involvement but besides raised uncomfortable questions implicit the unequal attraction fixed to the hundreds of cases of Native American and different number women missing oregon murdered crossed the United States. Petito is white.

Petito's assemblage was recovered Sept. 19 connected the borderline of Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park, which the mates had visited. The coroner determination concluded she died of strangulation and her assemblage had been wherever it was recovered for 3 oregon 4 weeks.

The mates was stopped Aug. 12 by constabulary successful Moab, Utah, aft they had a carnal altercation, but nary charges were filed.

Laundrie returned location unsocial Sept. 1 successful the Ford van the mates took connected their trip. He was reported missing aft telling his parents connected Sept. 14 that helium was going for a hike successful the Carlton Reserve, a quality sphere successful Sarasota County that has for weeks been a cardinal country successful the search.

The enactment Wednesday was focused connected the adjacent Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, wherever tv quality reports showed galore instrumentality enforcement vehicles arriving and a structure acceptable up wrong the woods. The determination is wherever a Ford Mustang that Laundrie drove to the wilderness was found.

Laundrie is charged successful a national Wyoming indictment with unauthorized usage of a debit card, which would let authorities to apprehension him if helium is recovered alive.

It alleges Laundrie utilized a Capital One Bank paper and someone's idiosyncratic recognition fig to marque unauthorized withdrawals oregon charges worthy much than $1,000. It does not accidental to whom the paper belonged oregon what benignant of charges were made.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.