FBI Working To Rescue Abducted Missionaries In Haiti

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According to Haitian officials, the 400 Mawozo pack is demanding $17 cardinal successful ransom for the 17 missionaries who were kidnapped adjacent Port-au-Prince.

The FBI is inactive moving to rescue 17 missionaries successful Haiti arsenic a notorious pack holds them hostage. The pack present wants $17 cardinal arsenic ransom for the group, according to a apical Haitian officials. 

U.S. agents are moving with Haitian authorities to effort and unafraid the merchandise of the 12 adults and 5 children who are portion of the Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries. They were kidnapped adjacent Port-au-Prince aft visiting an orphanage.

Meanwhile, Haitians are voicing choler implicit worsening crime, and galore person gone connected strike. Thousands of workers crossed the state are demanding basal information from their government.

The 400 Mawozo pack and others person terrorized Haiti for years. Foreigners marque headlines, but it's mundane Haitians who carnivore the brunt of the crisis.

The White House refuses to accidental more, but the Haitian authoritative who revealed the pack wants a $17 cardinal ransom is besides saying the negotiations could instrumentality weeks, with the extremity being to get the hostages released without paying a dime.