FDA Panel Recommends Pfizer Vaccine For Kids 5 To 11 Years Old

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By Associated Press
October 26, 2021

If approved, the dosage for children successful this property radical would beryllium one-third of the changeable recommended for everyone 12 and older.

A sheet of U.S. wellness advisers connected Tuesday endorsed kid-size doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, moving the U.S. person to opening vaccinations with children ages 5 to 11.

A Food and Drug Administration advisory sheet voted unanimously with 1 abstention that the vaccine's benefits successful preventing COVID-19 successful that property radical outweigh immoderate imaginable risks.

That includes a heart-related broadside effect that's been precise uncommon successful teens and young adults who get a overmuch higher dose.

The FDA isn't bound by the panel's proposal and is expected to marque its ain determination wrong days. 

If the FDA authorizes the kid-size doses, there's inactive different step: Next week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention volition person to determine whether to urge the shots and which youngsters should get them.

While children are astatine little hazard of terrible COVID-19 than older people, 5- to 11-year-olds inactive person faced important unwellness — including much than 8,300 hospitalizations reported, astir a 3rd requiring intensive care, and astir 100 deaths.

The dose for young children is conscionable one-third of the Pfizer changeable already recommended for everyone 12 and older. Moderna besides is studying its vaccine for young children.

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