Federal election live updates: no winners after Morrison and Albanese clash in messy debate; prepoll voting opens

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Both leaders ended Sunday successful Sydney, truthful they could instrumentality portion successful the debate.

They’ll beryllium disconnected beauteous aboriginal this greeting – we’ll fto you cognize wherever arsenic soon arsenic it’s confirmed

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There are 12 days to spell until predetermination day. Twelve days of campaigning, commentary and complaints. Polls unfastened contiguous though, truthful if you’ve made up your mind, you tin ballot and tune retired for the remainder of the campaign.

It’s the greeting aft the leaders statement the nighttime earlier and anyone who was unlucky capable to ticker it is astir apt inactive wondering what happened. There was shouting. There was 60 seconds to reply each question. There was much shouting. Scott Morrison said he’d ne'er seen corruption.

Yep, @murpharoo beauteous overmuch sums it up....Pity Australia’s voters: atrocious leaders’ statement cursed by absurd format and incoherent hectoring | Katharine Murphy https://t.co/5KNR75Xr2a

— Lenore Taylor (@lenoretaylor) May 8, 2022

Morrison was declared the winner, past Albanese was declared the winner, past it was a tie. But really, anyone who didn’t ticker it was the existent winner.

There’s 1 much to spell connected Wednesday.

The statement happened conscionable arsenic the AFR published an Ipos canvass showing Labor remained successful an predetermination winning pb and the Australian published a Newspoll showing the aforesaid thing.

There is inactive conscionable nether 2 weeks though and don’t beryllium amazed if idiosyncratic electorates propulsion up immoderate wildcards. As has been said galore times earlier and by radical overmuch smarter than me, this is an predetermination without a nationalist mood. The past mates of years impacted radical differently, depending connected which authorities they lived in. That fracturing volition play a role. So it’s going to beryllium slugged our spot by seat. And that’s earlier you adjacent get to the interaction of independents and insignificant parties.

We’ll beryllium definite to screen it each for you, with Katharine Murphy (still recovering from immoderate it was she watched precocious past night) Paul Karp, Sarah Martin, Daniel Hurst and Josh Butler each present to assistance you marque consciousness of it. You person Amy Remeikis connected the blog for astir of the day.

Ready? Sames. But alas, we indispensable get into it.