Federal Employee and Police Advocacy Groups Protest Vaccine Mandates

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A national employees’ advocacy radical is protesting the Canadian government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates for national workers.

Feds for Freedom, an advocacy radical formed by thousands of federally regulated employees, says it has sent a petition with implicit 1,200 signatures to the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s (PSAC) national leadership, demanding they travel to the array to sermon “the usurpation of some workplace and quality rights” caused by the federally-imposed vaccine mandate.

“We are steadfast successful our certainty that the leader has nary ineligible oregon motivation close to endanger oregon enforce these mandates. We are besides steadfast successful our certainty that we merit a nationalist advocate,” Feds for Freedom said in an Oct.23 quality release.

The merchandise said the radical was giving PSAC a last accidental to “begin a dialogue” and if they did not person a response, would past “consider ourselves to beryllium escaped of immoderate work to travel the national process successful dealing with the employer.”

“We anticipation that PSAC gives superior information to scheduling a gathering with us, and that PSAC’s enactment volition see the ramifications that a wide ‘opt-out’ run mightiness have,” the merchandise said.

The advocacy radical said PSAC, which is Canada’s largest civilian work union, has truthful acold ignored their missive and members’ petition to uphold their rights, which is “leading down a way towards the dereliction of their duties of just representation.”

Beginning Oct. 25, Feds for Freedom members volition motorboat a peaceful sit-in astatine the PSAC Union Headquarters successful Ottawa, demanding the PSAC docket a gathering with the group’s members.

In effect to The Epoch Times’ petition for comment, PSAC referred to a connection made by its nationalist president Chris Aylward successful regards to the Oct. 25 sit-in.

“As a union, we perfectly respect everyone’s close to protest. We besides promote each our members, including the protesters extracurricular PSAC’s nationalist office, to get vaccinated unless they person a valid aesculapian oregon different quality rights exemption,” Aylward said.

Phoenix declaration  talks Canada PSAC President Chris Aylward speaks during a quality league successful Ottawa, connected Oct. 31. 2018. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press)

In a abstracted statement, Feds for Freedom said that portion they are not against vaccines, they reason vaccine mandates connected principle.

“We judge that arsenic each individual’s assemblage and concern is different, allowing for authorities interjection into aesculapian decisions betwixt an idiosyncratic and their wellness attraction supplier sets a unsafe precedent,” said the statement.

“We judge the close to aesculapian privacy—and to beryllium escaped from favoritism connected that basis—is essential. Not lone to america arsenic a labour force, but to nine arsenic a whole.”

Meanwhile, an advocacy radical for instrumentality enforcement officers called Mounties for Freedom sent an unfastened letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki connected Oct. 21, announcing their stance against “the forced coercive aesculapian involution of Canadians.”

“Police officers are expected to sphere the peace, uphold the law, and support the nationalist interest. We powerfully judge that forced and coerced aesculapian treatments undermine each 3 and, thus, contradict our duties and responsibilities to Canadians,” work the letter.

Representing actively serving constabulary officers crossed the country, the radical said the COVID-19 vaccine mandates person resulted successful favoritism against the “unvaccinated” colonisation and is causing segregation wrong families and communities, arsenic good arsenic betwixt instrumentality enforcement and the Canadian populace they protect.

“As representatives of our communities wrong the RCMP and representatives of the RCMP successful our communities, we person ne'er witnessed specified part successful our country,” the radical said successful a statement.

“This consciousness of ‘Us versus Them’ volition beryllium further fuelled by having a constabulary unit consisting lone of ‘vaccinated’ people, portion serving communities consisting of ‘unvaccinated’ people, which goes against the assemblage policing exemplary the RCMP has strived to achieve.”

The connection went connected to accidental the precocious grade of accent and intelligence unwellness that constabulary officers acquisition owed to the quality of their duties has been “compounded considerably” by the vaccine mandates.

The national authorities announced connected Oct. 6 that national nationalist servants successful the Core Public Administration, including members of the RCMP, are required to corroborate their vaccination presumption by Oct. 29, 2021. Those unwilling to disclose their vaccination presumption oregon to beryllium afloat vaccinated “will beryllium placed connected administrative permission without pay” arsenic aboriginal arsenic Nov. 15, 2021.

Mounties for Freedom said galore national employees person been threatened to beryllium sent location without wage for refusing the vaccine and called connected the RCMP commissioner to travel to their defence.

“We besides inquire that you situation the national government’s determination to nonstop Mounties location without wage for decisions they’ve made connected beliefs protected by Canadian laws. Neither the RCMP, nor the communities they serve, tin endure the nonaccomplishment of experienced constabulary officers,” the connection read.

The radical besides called for an probe into, and afloat disclosure of, however decisions astir government-mandated pandemic wellness measures are made and supply grounds that they are “reasonable, provable, and guided by law.”

“If presented with each disposable grounds successful a court, we firmly judge the authorities implemented mandates would not clasp up nether scrutiny,” work the letter.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Toronto.