Federal Judge in South Carolina Denies Restraining Order to Block Vaccine Mandates

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A national justice has denied a restraining bid connected Thursday that would person blocked vaccine mandates for up to 125 metropolis employees successful South Carolina.

Tom Fernandez and his steadfast Fernandez Law represented the plaintiffs, 100 of whom are archetypal responders who filed a suit against the cities of Charleston and North Charleston, Charleston County, and the St. Johns Fire District implicit the mandates.

“They felt that it was thing abbreviated of authorities coercion to get the vaccine,” Fernandez told The Epoch Times. “We filed a suit successful authorities tribunal alleging their law protections.  They did not privation the vaccine. They believed it was their spiritual close to garbage it. They believed it was their close to escaped speech, close to privacy, and their close to bodily autonomy to not get the vaccine.”

Judge David Norton with the U.S. District Court successful South Carolina said successful a connection that it’s not the court’s relation to enforce leader policies that would “best onslaught a equilibrium of the competing interests of a pandemic that has plagued not conscionable this authorities oregon country, but the world, for astir 2 years.”

“His points helium made successful his bid yesterday were fundamentally regurgitated nightly quality talking points,” Fernandez said.  “They had nary facts.  There was thing substantiative.  It was basically, ‘COVID is an exigency and hospitals are full. There are nary ventilators available, and that the ICUs person nary much beds available.’”

Fernandez said they presented to the tribunal information from section hospitals that showed that COVID infections are connected a diminution crossed the authorities and the nation, with little than fractional of the ventilators being used, and of those, lone 7 percent were being utilized by COVID patients.

The justice chose those talking points implicit the law protections of constabulary officers and firefighters, Fernandez said.

Initially, metropolis employees indispensable beryllium vaccinated by Nov. 5, but North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey extended it to Nov. 19  aft the ruling.

“This is indispensable to supply a harmless moving situation for metropolis employees and to present harmless and businesslike services to our citizens,” Summey said.  “The metropolis is hopeful that immoderate plaintiffs, having work Judge Norton’s order, whitethorn present privation to comply with the vaccination argumentation successful bid to clasp employment.”

Many of the employees with whom Fernandez has spoken, helium said, “are lasting their ground.”

“We person mayors who deliberation it’s lone going to beryllium a fistful of constabulary officers and firefighters who are going to beryllium terminated,” Fernandez said. “They are going to abruptly find connected time 1 that they are abbreviated a ample percent of their department.”

Matt McGregor


Matt McGregor covers quality from North and South Carolina for The Epoch Times.