Federal Minister Contradicts Queensland Minister on Health Guidelines

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Australia’s national wellness section has contradicted a authorities wellness curate who said her authorities would not halve quarantine to 7 days until determination was a alteration successful national guidelines.

From Nov. 1, states and territories began lifting COVID-19 restrictions connected planetary and home question successful enactment with a nationalist plan.

But Queensland has opted alternatively to travel its ain program that sees it keeping immoderate restrictions successful spot for longer, based connected vaccination rates, portion different states driblet theirs.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said her state’s roadmap mightiness alteration depending connected immoderate changes to the guidelines of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC).

“Of course, we volition proceed to instrumentality the advice,” D’Ath said this week.

“If things change, if the proposal we’re getting from the wellness professionals is that you tin quarantine for shorter periods of time, oregon you don’t request to enactment arsenic galore radical into quarantine if they’re adjacent contacts, past we’ll instrumentality that advice. But astatine this stage, it is inactive investigating tracing isolating and quarantining.”

Meanwhile, New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria have scrapped quarantine for planetary arrivals, but D’Ath has said their situations are antithetic due to the fact that those states person a precocious prevalence of the virus, whereas Queensland has astir none.

“It’s successful effect, a spot simpler erstwhile you’ve got 1,500 positive cases each time to say, ‘Well, it’s OK for radical from overseas to travel successful with the microorganism due to the fact that we’ve already got this microorganism spreading passim our community’,” she told reporters connected Monday.

However, a national wellness section spokesperson told 9News that Queensland didn’t request AHPPC approval.

“The Queensland Government is capable to determination to modified, oregon nary quarantine arrangements arsenic different authorities and territories person done already … [and] does not necessitate the statement of the AHPPC,” the spokesperson said.

While NSW and Victoria person dropped quarantine for afloat vaccinated planetary arrivals present that the 80 percent vaccination threshold has been reached, Queensland volition lone bash truthful erstwhile 90 percent has been reached.

D’Ath said determination were galore reasons for this, including the anticipation that caller microorganism variants mightiness look overseas and that vaccines made overseas mightiness not beryllium arsenic effectual arsenic locally made vaccines.

She besides won’t trim mandatory quarantine from 14 days to seven, despite other states, including South Australia doing so.

Queensland’s interstate borders stay closed until Dec. 17. But planetary arrivals volition inactive request to quarantine until the authorities reaches its 90 percent vaccination milestone.

International arrivals into NSW and Victoria volition request to beryllium they’ve received a vaccine approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and walk a COVID-19 PCR trial earlier they committee their flight.

For now, lone Australian citizens, imperishable residents, their contiguous household members, immoderate New Zealanders and those with due visas are allowed to alert to Australia from overseas.

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