Feds Allocate Nearly 44,000 COVID-19 Treatments to Florida

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The national authorities has allocated astir 44,000 monoclonal antibody treatments and anti-viral medications to Florida.

The supplies are astir evenly divided betwixt antiviral medications and monoclonals, the Florida Department of Health said successful an email.

Department property caput Jeremy Redfern said, “It includes monoclonals and oral attraction options. The bulk of these options being 21,060 courses of Merck’s Molnupiravir oral treatment.”

According to Merck’s website, Molnupiravir is an “antiviral medicine that inhibits the replication of definite RNA viruses. It is utilized to dainty COVID-19 successful those infected by SARS-CoV-2.”

Epoch Times Photo This undated photograph provided by Merck shows its caller antiviral medicine Molnupiravir. (Merck/via AP)

Two caller attraction options that were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are successful pill signifier that patients tin instrumentality astatine home.

Studies person proven Pfizer’s pill Paxlovid and Merck’s Molnupiravir forestall the COVID-19 microorganism from reproducing. Between the 2 manufacturers Florida is allocated 26,300 doses.

The FDA announced the drug’s clearance for usage Dec. 23 connected its website.

“Authorization provides an further attraction enactment against the COVID-19 microorganism successful the signifier of a pill that tin beryllium taken orally,” said Dr. Patrizia Cavazzoni, manager of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research connected the agency’s website.

“Molnupiravir is constricted to situations wherever different FDA-authorized treatments for COVID-19 are inaccessible oregon are not clinically due and volition beryllium a utile attraction enactment for immoderate patients with COVID-19 astatine precocious hazard of hospitalization oregon death.

“As caller variants of the microorganism proceed to emerge, it is important to grow the country’s arsenal of COVID-19 therapies utilizing exigency usage authorization, portion continuing to make further information connected their information and effectiveness.”

The allocations came aft Florida State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo sent a missive to the U.S. caput of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra requesting further treatments.

Another cause allocated to Florida to combat the microorganism was Evushield made by AstraZeneca.

Evushield is recommended for patients who are immunocompromised oregon person a past of having adverse reactions to vaccines.

It was approved for exigency usage by the FDA connected Dec. 8 for adults and children older than 12.

Florida was allocated 4,656 doses during the week of Jan. 10.

Jannis Falkenstern


Jannis Falkenstern is an Epoch Times newsman who covers the authorities of Florida.