Fifth British Teenager Convicted Over Death of 15-Year-Old Birmingham Schoolboy

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A 5th British teen has been recovered blameworthy of unlawfully sidesplitting Birmingham schoolboy Keon Lincoln aft buying weapons utilized successful the killing, including a hunting weapon recovered successful a getaway car.

Kieron Donaldson was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter by a bulk 10-2 verdict connected Friday, a time aft 4 different defendants were recovered blameworthy of murder.

Jurors had been instructed to see whether Donaldson, aged 18, had assisted oregon encouraged 1 of 15-year-old Keon’s attackers to transportation retired the attack.

The panel, which deliberated for much than 17 hours astatine Birmingham Crown Court, was told that Donaldson was blameworthy of manslaughter if they could not beryllium definite helium intended the attackers to origin truly superior harm to Keon.

Donaldson was remanded successful custody and volition beryllium sentenced connected November 29 alongside a 14-year-old gunman, a 16-year-old younker from Walsall, and 18-year-olds Tahjgeem Breakenridge and Michael Ugochukwu.

A five-week proceedings caput that Keon was pronounced dormant astatine Birmingham Children’s Hospital astir 2 hours aft being subjected to a “short but brutal” pack onslaught extracurricular his location successful Linwood Road, Handsworth, connected January 21.

The tribunal was told Donaldson, of Aston Lane, Perry Barr, bought astir a twelve knives online successful the months earlier the murder, including 1 bearing Keon’s humor which was recovered successful a stolen Ford S-Max.

It was besides alleged that Donaldson’s fingerprints were recovered connected the leaf of the weapon, portion Ugochukwu’s DNA was recovered from its sheath.

The proceedings was told Donaldson arranged for a taxi which picked up Breakenridge and Ugochukwu earlier the onslaught and dropped them disconnected adjacent his home.

Addressing jurors astatine the commencement of the trial, authoritative Michael Burrows QC said of the knives and weapon utilized successful the attack: “You volition privation to see wherever those weapons came from.

“Of course, weapons tin travel from galore sources. But, arsenic you know, determination are restrictions connected selling weapons.

“For instance, radical who merchantability knives should not merchantability immoderate weapon to anyone nether 18.

“The archetypal 4 defendants were nether 18 (at the clip of the killing) but Kieron Donaldson was 18.

“So, helium could bargain knives without regularisation and, if helium chose to, proviso them to his friends and others nether 18.

“The prosecution asseverate that is what helium has done successful this case. That assertion is based connected evidence.

“In short, successful a play of little than 3 months, from October 15 2020 to January 5 2021, Donaldson bought 10 hunting knives, 2 endurance knives and 2 machetes.”

The tribunal was told each the purchases were made online utilizing Donaldson’s email address, but nary of the knives were recovered erstwhile the constabulary searched his location a period aft the murder.

The 14-year-old was besides convicted of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, portion the 16-year-old and Breakenridge and Ugochukwu were further convicted of having an violative weapon.

The proceedings was told Keon suffered 8 crisp unit injuries and a fatal wounded to his abdomen from 1 of 2 gunshots fired successful Linwood Road astatine astir 3.35pm connected January 21.

The gunman, who cannot beryllium named due to the fact that of a tribunal order, told jurors helium was not astatine the execution country but admitted helium had lied to police.

The proceedings was told Breakenridge, of Oldfield Road, Balsall Heath; Ugochukwu, of Twyning Road, Edgbaston; and the younker from Walsall were each caught connected CCTV equipped with long-bladed knives.



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