Fiona: One Week After NS Premier Asked for More Troops, Fewer Boots on Ground

3 months ago 27

One week aft Nova Scotia’s premier asked Ottawa for much soldiers to assistance cleanable up the twisted messiness caused by post-tropical tempest Fiona, determination were less troops connected the crushed Friday than determination were earlier successful the week.

Daniel Minden, property caput to Defence Minister Anita Anand, confirmed successful an email determination were astir 550 members of the Canadian Armed Forces successful Nova Scotia past weekend, but that fig had dropped to 400 by Thursday.

On Sept. 29, Premier Tim Houston said the state needed 1,000 members of the subject to assistance with moving trees, clearing debris and different chores.

“In a state wherever we person thing similar 10,000 subject unit stationed here, it’s my idiosyncratic content that beauteous overmuch each azygous 1 of those radical would driblet everything to assistance their chap Nova Scotians, should they beryllium asked,” helium said astatine the time.

Minden confirmed the national authorities had received a caller missive from the Nova Scotia authorities requesting much troops.

“We volition proceed to deploy the close fig of unit to execute the tasks asked of the Canadian Armed Forces, and we volition beryllium determination for arsenic agelong arsenic it takes to reconstruct captious services,” Minden said successful an email.

The email did not notation thing astir further deployments.

Houston’s bureau issued a connection Friday saying the premier was disappointed with Ottawa’s response.

“As we participate Thanksgiving weekend, determination are inactive thousands of Nova Scotians who are without powerfulness 14 days aft the storm,” the connection said. “The harm was devastating, and the cleanup is extensive. More radical supporting these efforts tin marque a immense quality for Nova Scotians.”

The email goes connected to accidental determination is “no shortage of tasks” for the military.

“Anyone who has spent clip successful the impacted areas tin attest to our needs,” the connection said. “Had our petition for much unit been actioned, we could person been further along. It’s disappointing that the national authorities didn’t spot it that way.”

By Friday afternoon, astir 2,300 Nova Scotia Power customers were inactive without electricity, astir 90 percent of them successful northeastern Nova Scotia, wherever Fiona was peculiarly fierce. At the tallness of the storm, aboriginal connected Sept. 24, much than 500,000 homes and businesses successful Atlantic Canada were successful the dark, including 415,000 successful Nova Scotia. That’s astir 80 percent of Nova Scotia Power’s customers.

In Prince Edward Island, 82,000 Maritime Electric customers were without powerfulness astir 2 weeks ago. That’s astir 90 percent of the utility’s customers.

On Friday, the fig of P.E.I. homes and businesses without powerfulness appeared to beryllium connected the rise.

For overmuch of the past week, Maritime Electric reported that astir 9,000 of its 86,000 customers were inactive waiting to beryllium reconnected to the electrical grid—but that fig jumped to 11,000 Friday morning.

There was nary mentation connected the utility’s website, and institution spokesperson Kim Griffin could not beryllium reached for comment.

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