Fire on Cargo Ship Off British Columbia Coast Is Out: Coast Guard

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VANCOUVER, British ColumbiaCanadian Coast Guard officials said Sunday a occurrence that was burning successful respective containers aboard a cargo vessel disconnected the seashore of British Columbia appeared to beryllium out.

The Coast Guard said it received connection precocious Saturday greeting that a occurrence had breached retired successful 10 damaged containers aboard the MV Zim Kingston, which is present anchored astir 5 miles disconnected the provincial superior of Victoria, and that 2 of the burning containers held hazardous worldly identified arsenic potassium amylxanthate.

“The bulk of the occurrence is really out,” JJ Brickett, national incidental commandant with the Canadian Coast Guard, said during a teleconference Sunday. “We inactive spot it smoldering.”

The Coast Guard said the hazardous worldly wrong the containers prevented the ship’s unit from spraying acold h2o straight connected the fire. An exigency portion had been doubled to 2 nautical miles astir the Zim Kingston.

Brickett said it was “a truly bully sign” that determination was nary denotation of scorching oregon charring connected adjacent containers.

“Presumably everything that was wrong those containers has been consumed by the fire,” helium said. “The occurrence is smoldering and we’re continuing to chill connected either side.”

Epoch Times Photo Ships enactment to power a occurrence onboard the MV Zim Kingston astir 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the enactment successful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, connected Oct. 24, 2021. (Chad Hipolito/The Canadian Press via AP)

The Joint Rescue and Coordination Centre successful Victoria said 16 crewmembers were safely taken disconnected the ship, portion 5 others, including the captain, remained connected committee astatine their ain behest.

The Coast Guard said a hazardous materials unit from Vancouver was mobilizing and the proprietor of the Zim Kingston had contracted the U.S.-based Resolve Marine Group for salvage operations, including firefighting and betterment of the containers.

Danaos Shipping Co., which manages the instrumentality ship, said successful an emailed connection earlier: “No injuries were reported. The occurrence appears to person been contained.”

Brickett said the U.S. Coast Guard had dispatched a tracking buoy to show 40 containers that fell overboard from the Zim Kingston successful choppy waters Friday. The containers were astir 27 nautical miles disconnected the westbound seashore of Vancouver Island connected Sunday.

Two of those containers held “materials we would beryllium acrophobic about,” Brickett said, but added that “none of our trajectories close present person immoderate of those containers grounding.”

Efforts to retrieve the containers would not beryllium capable to commencement until aft a interruption successful a tempest that was forecast to worsen until Monday, authorities said.

Brickett said the ship’s owners had “been precise responsible” and acted decently successful hiring the due resources. It was excessively aboriginal to accidental what caused the occurrence oregon if it was related to the containers falling overboard, helium said.

“Our archetypal precedence is to stabilize the scene, enactment the flames out,” helium said.

By Jim Morris

The Associated Press