Fitness Icon Denise Austin & ‘SI: Swim’ Rookie Katie Austin Share Healthy Living Advice

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October 4, 2021 2:40PM EDT

Mother-daughter fittingness stars Denise and Katie Austin spoke to HollywoodLife astir however you tin consciousness your champion & look your champion astatine immoderate age!

Fitness icon Denise Austin is celebrating 40 years successful the industry this period and with a sparkle successful her oculus and her agleam smile, determination is nary uncertainty she is inactive successful her prime. The 64-year-old grant winning fittingness teacher has passed down the aforesaid affirmative mindset and infectious tone to her daughter, Katie Austin, 28, who was conscionable announced arsenic 1 of the archetypal 2022 SI: Swim Rookies. “I cognize that workout makes you consciousness good, and I genuinely judge that. I americium acceptable due to the fact that I person exercised for 40 years, conscionable 30 minutes, astir days of the week, it truly doesn’t instrumentality that overmuch else. Even passim my some pregnancies with my daughters and beingness changes, you inactive tin workout successful antithetic ways,” Denise explained successful an EXCLUSIVE interrogation with “I ever marque definite to bash targeted exercises to truly support our 640 muscles strong, and if you exercise, you get escaped of immoderate of the grouchiness anxiousness that your assemblage has.”

Denise & Katie Austin person created EVER BETTER PROTEIN BITES arsenic the cleanable go-to dainty for fittingness junkies with a saccharine tooth. (Courtesy of EVER BETTER)

Katie added that her ma wakes up mundane and “chooses happiness,” which she believes has lent itself to her agelong and beardown vocation successful fitness. “I locomotion the talk, I speech the walk! I genuinely judge that is important,” Denise told HL. “I americium precise superior erstwhile it comes to teaching you the close ways to workout with large equilibrium and keeping your assemblage steadfast caput assemblage and spirit. I bash judge it’s each unneurotic and it’s a lifestyle.”

Katie, who has implicit 160 follow-along workouts connected her Katie Austin App, admitted that she learned from her ma that the reply to longevity, particularly erstwhile it comes to your health, is to debar “quick fixes” and beryllium patient. The mother-daughter duo besides had immoderate stellar proposal erstwhile it comes to traveling this vacation play and maintaining your steadfast manner and affirmative mindset.


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“I emotion to workout connected vacation. I cognize a batch of radical don’t, but the crushed wherefore I emotion to enactment retired and enactment a small spot successful a regular wellness and fittingness omniscient erstwhile I’m distant is due to the fact that erstwhile I get backmost I don’t privation to consciousness similar I’ve fallen disconnected way and conflict to get backmost into the routine,” Katie explained. “I aftermath up astir 20 minutes earlier than everyone other — conscionable acceptable your alarm 20 minutes earlier — get successful a bully HIIT workout oregon bodyweight workout, conscionable to interruption a small spot of a sweat successful the morning, and then, spell connected and bask your clip with your family. Don’t overthink it.”

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Katie & Denise Austin precocious released the Chocolate Chip Cookie spirit of their EVER BETTER Protein Bites! (Courtesy of EVER BETTER)

“When the EVER BETTER Protein Bites archetypal came out, we wanted thing we could snack connected truly easy and we didn’t privation a immense cookie! So these are tiny mini cookies, and you tin person 7 successful a serving,” Katie explained. “We are obsessed with the Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor, due to the fact that that’s what we wanted to make from the opening and we’ve nailed it down — from the astonishing spirit and astonishing taste. They’re keto friendly, they’re gluten free!”

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