‘Floribama Shore’ Preview: Codi Mocks Gus For Running Away As He Rocks His ‘Back Thong’

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Exclusive Video

November 4, 2021 1:15PM EDT

It’s clip for a getaway connected ‘Floribama Shore’! On the show’s Nov. 4 episode, the radical heads to the woods to spell camping, and we person an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek astatine their arrival.

The Floribama Shore unit — speech from a precise pregnant Nilsa Prowant — is going camping connected the upcoming Nov. 4 episode. In the EXCLUSIVE preview above, the six formed members get astatine their campsite, and they’re excited by what they find. It turns retired that their travel won’t beryllium “roughing it” astatine all! Instead, it’s much similar “glamping,” with tents that are implicit with aerial mattresses, aerial conditioning and heaters.

“This is the benignant of camping Codi does,” Codi Butts says successful a confessional. “We got the aerial mattresses, we got heaters. It’s glamping. Glamorous camping!” Meanwhile, Gus Smyrnios has a antithetic thought of what the travel should be. “I’m from the sticks, I’m from the woods,” helium explains. “So I americium much than down for this. Anything to get america into nature…sign maine up.”

Codi, Aimee and Gus connected the Nov. 4 occurrence of ‘Floribama Shore.’ (MTV)

In bid to get Codi successful the camping vibe, Gus lends him his tiny plaid vest, oregon “back thong” arsenic the radical likes to telephone it. It’s the aforesaid nonfiction of covering helium was wearing past play erstwhile helium ran distant from the location and disappeared for hours. Once Codi is wearing the “back thong,” helium takes disconnected moving to mock Gus. “This backmost thong has magical powers,” Codi says. “You’re like Usaian Bolt.

Luckily, Gus is successful a overmuch amended spot this season, and helium takes the gag successful stride. “The powers of the backmost thong!” helium laughs. “It’s the runaway thong, man.” Of course, it doesn’t instrumentality agelong for the drinks to commencement flowing with this group, too. “Everybody, it’s 13:00, it’s clip for drinks,” Aimee Hall concludes, while Jeremiah Buoni adds, “I consciousness acceptable to party. I deliberation this mightiness beryllium precisely what we need.”

With these six successful the woods, it’s bound to beryllium a hilarious episode, but we’ll person to tune successful to find retired what happens next! Floribama Shore airs connected Thursdays astatine 8:00 p.m. connected MTV.