Florida AG Says Americans Are Flocking to State Thanks to Strong Leadership, Tough Stance on Crime

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Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody connected Monday said she believes it’s evident wherefore Americans are flocking to the Sunshine State, pointing to its beardown enactment and it being a “government of the people.”

Speaking successful an interrogation with Sean Duffy connected Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Moody, a Republican, explained that it’s “not rocket science” wherefore Americans are moving to the state, portion touting Florida’s effect to a fig of cardinal issues.

“I mean, radical are watching and they recognize that enactment matters. We don’t conscionable ticker arsenic things interruption down oregon things aren’t going right. We bash thing astir it,” Moody said.

The Republican pointed to calls to defund the constabulary and an summation successful crime crossed aggregate U.S. states, explaining that Florida has responded to specified issues by “doing something” astir them.

“When we saw radical not respecting cops and different folks defunding their police, we gave them raises. When we saw a rash of folks rushing into stores and committing mob thefts, we did thing astir it. We made it easier to prosecute those people,” Moody said.

midyear examination survey from the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) published successful September showed that violent transgression has soared across the United States, up 4 percent successful 2022 when compared to the aforesaid clip play successful 2021.

Meanwhile, robberies person jumped by 12 percent in the archetypal six months of this twelvemonth compared to 2021, and aggravated assaults are up 2.5 percent.

The fig of rapes besides surged successful places similar Chicago, Columbus, Fort Worth, Miami, and New York, among others, according to the data.

Epoch Times Photo Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with his woman Casey DeSantis and children Madison, Mason, and Mamie, waves to the assemblage during an predetermination nighttime ticker enactment astatine the Convention Center successful Tampa, Florida, connected Nov. 8, 2022. (Giorgio Viera/Getty Images)

Americans Flock to Florida

Moody connected Monday besides pointed to caller information from the FBI which she said shows that wherever backing for constabulary is increased, crime goes down, and erstwhile it is decreased, transgression goes up.

The lawyer general’s comments travel arsenic research from Move Buddha published successful 2021 showed that Florida had seen a sharp emergence successful nett migration travel successful 2021, with much than doubly arsenic many people moving into Florida than near the state.

Separate research published by Move Buddha successful November amusement that Florida is rated the ninth astir fashionable authorities successful the United States arsenic of the 3rd 4th of this twelvemonth with an “in-to-out ratio” of 1.69.

Four Florida cities are among the most fashionable ample cities in the state this year, according to the research: Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami.

“We saw different states cramming down connected their citizens and taking distant their rights. We did thing astir it. You know, this is simply a authorities of the people. They privation to marque definite those that they elite to bureau person their backs. And successful Florida, we’ve got their backs,” Moody said connected Monday.

She added that Florida is a “law and bid state” and warned criminals to enactment away.

Earlier this month, Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis, who won a landslide triumph against Democrat Charlie Crist this period to secure a 2nd term, said the state’s implementation of commonsense authorities and beardown enactment allows it to service arsenic a “blueprint for success.”

The Republican cited accrued show of students in K–12 schools, a grounds fund surplus, and debased taxes, among different things, which helium said marque Florida an charismatic and fashionable authorities among Americans.

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