Florida Police Chief Admits ‘Human Error’ in Brian Laundrie Case

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The constabulary main successful North Port, Florida, admitted quality mistake played a relation successful the manhunt for Brian Laundrie, who was sought arsenic a idiosyncratic of involvement successful the disappearance and decease of ex-girlfriend Gabby Petito.

North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison told reporters connected Monday that constabulary made a mistake erstwhile they saw Laundrie extracurricular the location of his parents connected Sept. 15. However, they aboriginal learned that it was really Laundrie’s mother—not the fugitive.

“As a leader, what bash I do?” Garrison said at a forum. “No, radical privation unfastened transparency and honesty from their instrumentality enforcement officials.”

“Yes, we made a mistake,” helium added. “It was quality error, but I inactive basal down my team.”

Garrison, however, said that the mistake didn’t derail the probe and hunt for Laundrie’s wherabouts. He said Laundrie went missing a time earlier oregon whitethorn person already died.

“Now we cognize that, by the clip we became the pb agency, Brian had already near the location and presumably had already been deceased retired successful the Carlton Reserve,” helium said.

Last month, officials recovered quality remains successful a wildlife sphere that was determined to beryllium Laundrie’s. He was sought arsenic a idiosyncratic of involvement successful the disappearance of Petito, who was reported missing by her household connected Sept. 11, and later, helium was charged by the FBI for alleged slope fraud.

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt Hoffman said during the aforesaid Florida forum that Laundrie was apt dormant erstwhile officials mistakenly believed Laundrie’s parent was him. Hoffman past alleged Laundrie killed himself.

“That feline went retired determination and by each accounts astir apt committed termination and helium was close retired determination wherever we thought helium was,” Hoffman said, arsenic reported by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. “There was 4 feet of h2o retired determination astatine the time.”

Petito’s assemblage was discovered successful Wyoming connected Sept. 19. Laundrie’s remains were located connected Oct. 21 adjacent the Carlton Reserve, though his origin of decease hasn’t yet been determined.

Authorities successful Wyoming determined Petito’s origin of decease was strangulation and ruled her mode of decease a homicide. A fishy was ne'er named successful the case, however.

The FBI astatine the clip did not database a origin of decease for Laundrie. It wasn’t wide however agelong the remains whitethorn person been submerged successful water.

The mates was stopped connected Aug. 12 by constabulary successful Moab, Utah, aft they had an altercation, but nary home unit charges were filed against them. The constabulary section successful Moab announced it is conducting an interior reappraisal to find if argumentation was followed.

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