Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Vows to Reject Hurricane Ian Relief Bill If Legislation Is Filled With ‘Pork’

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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) connected Sunday vowed not to enactment a federal relief bill aimed astatine aiding his authorities successful its betterment from Hurricane Ian if it goes beyond providing catastrophe backing to see unrelated spending.

Rubio made the comments successful an interview for CNN’s “State of the Union” programme respective days aft the almighty tempest made landfall.

The Category 4 tempest with winds of 150 mph (240 kph) has claimed the lives of much than 80 radical successful Florida and the Carolinas, Reuters reported, though the death toll is expected to support rising.

Meanwhile, 613,386 electrical customers successful Florida were without powerfulness arsenic of Monday, according to PowerOutage.us.

Rubio connected Sunday noted that helium has ever supported catastrophe alleviation backing packages that are “clean” but that helium would not ballot for immoderate measure that is “loaded up with worldly that’s unrelated to the storm” and “smells similar pork.”

Pork is simply a commonly utilized word to picture spending for different unrelated projects that’s placed into legislature spending legislation.

“I volition combat against it having pork successful it. That’s the key,” the legislator said, adding that he feared that voting for specified a bundle would deter different lawmakers from voting for catastrophe alleviation successful the future.

“We shouldn’t person that successful determination due to the fact that it undermines the quality to travel backmost and bash this successful the future,” helium said. “I deliberation catastrophe alleviation is thing we shouldn’t play with. We are susceptible successful this country, successful the Congress, of voting for catastrophe alleviation for key, aft cardinal events similar this, without utilizing it arsenic a conveyance oregon a mechanics for radical to load it up with worldly that’s unrelated to the storm.”

‘It’s Not About Politics’

“You volition person radical successful the Senate, successful the House that are going to ballot against catastrophe alleviation due to the fact that they presumption these catastrophe alleviation bills arsenic ways for different radical to get their pork and their favored projects done,” the Republican lawmaker added.

CNN host Dana Bash pointed retired that Rubio had besides voted against a akin national alleviation measure pursuing Hurricane Sandy, which struck the United States successful 2012.

Rubio didn’t quality this fact, stating that helium did truthful because, again, immoderate of the backing successful the measure was unrelated to the disaster. But helium noted that he ultimately supported a smaller mentation of the $50 cardinal package.

“It had been loaded up with a clump of things that had thing to bash with catastrophe relief. I would ne'er enactment retired determination that we should spell usage a catastrophe alleviation bundle for Florida arsenic a mode to wage for each kinds of different things radical privation astir the country,” Rubio said.

Rubio praised the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for its effect to the catastrophe but noted that much assistance volition beryllium needed to assistance successful Florida’s recovery, noting that immoderate communities person been wholly “wiped out” by the hurricane.

“FEMA has been a large partner, the Biden medication has responded arsenic they’ve said, and truthful determination are nary complaints there,” Rubio said. “These are professionals. I deliberation successful times similar this, radical recognize that it’s not astir politics. It shouldn’t be.”

The Biden medication has approved a large catastrophe declaration for Florida, allowing the U.S. authorities to utilize national backing for assistance successful 13 counties successful the state.

As of yet, the nonstop fiscal outgo of the demolition caused by Hurricane Ian is unclear, although research institution CoreLogic estimates it could beryllium anyplace between $28 cardinal and $47 billion.

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