For Better Sautéed Mushrooms, Boil Them First

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Everyone knows that moisture is the force of the Maillard reaction, which makes it tricky to brownish ingredients that merchandise h2o arsenic they cook. But strangely enough, the concealed to amended (and faster) sautéed mushrooms is cooking them successful water: Boiling your shrooms earlier pan-frying really helps them brown.

Just similar soaking tofu successful boiling brackish water, boiling mushrooms “dries them out” a little. Boiled mushrooms brownish faster and much evenly than raw; you don’t person to hold for them to navigator down, truthful you don’t person to interest excessively overmuch astir crowding the pan. As agelong arsenic they yet marque interaction with a hot, oiled skillet, boiled mushrooms volition brownish nicely. It’s a quick, elemental mode to marque cooking with mushrooms easier.

To effort it yourself, conscionable hole your mushrooms nevertheless you’d similar and enactment a half-full cookware of heavy salted h2o connected to boil. (You request plentifulness of country for the shrooms.) Add your mushrooms to the boiling h2o and navigator for 3-5 minutes, stirring to marque definite that each portion cooks evenly. Then drain them successful a colander, shingle disconnected arsenic overmuch of the h2o arsenic you tin (use a crockery spinner if you person one), and sauté arsenic usual.

I made a batch of dry sautéed shrooms to compare, and the results were astir identical. The mushrooms successful the formed robust cookware connected near were boiled first, and the ones successful the stainless skillet connected the close were cooked dry; I finished some with ail and butter:

Top-down photograph  of 2  pans of sautéed sliced mushrooms, broadside  by broadside  connected  a airy  wood   table. On the near  broadside  is simply a ample  achromatic  formed  robust  skillet and connected  the close    is simply a smaller stainless alloy  skillet.

Photo: A.A. Newton

As you tin spot above, some techniques produced mushrooms that were nicely browned. They besides were tender and readily absorbed the ample quantities of food and ail I added for flavor. If I had to pinpoint a difference, I’d accidental the boiled batch turned retired slightly meatier and juicier than the adust sautéed batch, but not by much. Both methods besides took astir the aforesaid magnitude of time, adjacent erstwhile accounting for the boiling step.

You can’t spell incorrect with either technique, but I deliberation boiling is decidedly the determination whenever you’re moving with a batch of mushrooms. Since they shrink down rather a spot successful the boiling water, you tin acceptable much successful the cookware erstwhile it comes clip to brownish them up. That, combined with the improved texture, truly makes maine privation to revisit my vegan bolognese with roasted eggplant and mushrooms. I fishy that boiling minced (or nutrient processor-ed) mushrooms earlier pan-frying them volition marque the last texture adjacent much meaty and delicious—and the literal 2nd it stops being 85 degrees each time successful Portland, I’m going to find retired for myself.