For Pennsylvania Veteran, Trust Is Missing Element in Vaccine Mandate

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“I was gassing up my car getting acceptable to spell get the vaccine, erstwhile I saw immoderate societal media that made maine question it spiritually. I dropped the thought of getting vaccinated immediately,” a national civilian moving successful Pennsylvania for the Department of Defense told The Epoch Times successful a telephone interview.

We are calling him Victor. Disclosing his existent sanction oregon specifics of his workplace could outgo him his job, and helium is trying to bent onto it, though helium whitethorn suffer it anyway, due to the fact that “Victor” says helium is decidedly not getting the COVID-19 vaccine mandated by President Joe Biden.

In summation to having a superior wellness contented that makes him leery of the vaccine, Victor’s religion tells him to refrain from putting impurities successful his body. His clip successful the subject tells him a fewer things too.

“I learned 2 things successful the military: Anything you don’t know, similar bombs and firearms, tin get you wrecked; and, the authorities needs to trial immoderate of its instrumentality connected you.”

He sees excessively galore reasons not to spot the government.

“This statement we person betwixt the radical and the government, determination is simply a spot factor,” Victor said. “People are saying no, I’m not going to get a vaccine due to the fact that I don’t spot the radical mandating it.”

He has asked his leader for a spiritual and wellness exception. Victor’s anticipation is that helium volition get an support and past get a workplace accommodation, specified arsenic being allowed to enactment from home, deterioration a mask, oregon get regular testing.

If helium continues to defy the vaccination, Victor says his leader volition necessitate him to acquisition counseling wherever helium volition beryllium educated astir vaccines.

“It harkens backmost to the aboriginal 20th period communists, wherever they provided acquisition to anyone who would not tow the enactment line,” Victor said. “I’ll person to spot however it goes erstwhile they bash it. I person a feeling they volition enactment the screws to me.”

If each ineligible avenues are exhausted and attempts to bent onto his occupation fail, helium figures his vocation of astir 20 years is blown.

“It volition mean the nonaccomplishment of health insurance erstwhile I person a wellness condition, and I wouldn’t beryllium capable to get a national occupation again if they fto maine spell with a discipline. It volition outgo maine wealth and the accent of what is going to hap next. My woman mightiness get fired too. Then we volition suffer our location and go homeless.”

He wonders what the state is going to bash erstwhile everybody who doesn’t privation the vaccine loses their job. And helium wonders wherever the mandates volition end. Because possibly the vaccine isn’t the past requirement.

“If we don’t halt this present and enactment our ft down, this is going to get retired of hand. People are going to person to commencement lasting up due to the fact that yet they are going to inquire you to bash thing you can’t do.”

When you articulation the military, you larn your work arsenic a patriot, Victor says, but each household antheral has to marque a decision, “at what constituent bash I accidental no?”

“I person a person saying yes to vaccine. He says his breaking constituent is his children. What if helium has to prevention his occupation by making his children get vaccinated?”

For Victor, the changeable is his breaking point, and with the rules of COVID-19 vaccination perpetually changing, spot successful the government’s program is simply a pugnacious happening to muster.

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