Ford Recalls Over 634K SUVs Due To Fuel Leaks And Fire Risk

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By Associated Press

and Newsy Staff
November 26, 2022

Ford said it has received 20 reports of fires, including 3 that ignited adjacent structures.

Ford Motor Co. is recalling implicit 634,000 SUVs worldwide due to the fact that a cracked substance injector tin spill substance oregon leak vapors onto a blistery motor and origin fires.

The callback covers Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs from the 2020 done 2023 exemplary years. All person 1.5-liter, three-cylinder engines.

The Dearborn, Michigan, automaker said Thursday it's not recommending that owners halt driving the vehicles oregon parkland them outdoors due to the fact that fires are uncommon and mostly don't hap erstwhile the engines are off.

But Ford said it has received 20 reports of fires, including 3 that ignited adjacent structures. The institution besides said it has 4 claims of fires that were noticed little than 5 minutes aft the engines were turned off. Ford besides has 4 wounded claims not involving burns, and 43 ineligible claims attributed to the problem.

Repairs aren't yeta available, but erstwhile they are, owners should docket work with a preferred dealer, Jim Azzouz, enforcement manager of lawsuit experience, said successful a statement. Owners volition beryllium notified by missive starting Dec. 19.

Owners tin instrumentality their SUVs to the trader and get a escaped loaner, oregon they tin get escaped pickup and delivery.

Dealers volition inspect the injectors and regenerate them if necessary. Ford besides says it's extending warranties to screen cracked substance injectors for up to 15 years.

Dealers volition update the vehicles' engine-control bundle truthful it detects a cracked injector. Drivers volition get a dashboard connection to get service. Also, if there's a unit driblet successful the injectors, motor powerfulness volition beryllium chopped to minimize hazard and fto drivers get to a harmless determination to halt and telephone for service, Ford said.

They'll besides instal a conduit to drain substance from the cylinder caput and distant from blistery surfaces.

Ford said it's not replacing the injectors due to the fact that the nonaccomplishment complaint that causes leaks is low, an estimated 0.38% for 2020 models and 0.22% for 2021 to 2022 models. The complaint is for 15 years oregon 150,000 miles.

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