Former, Current LA City Employees Call for Employee Vaccine Mandate to End

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Joined by leftist and libertarian organizations, a radical of existent and erstwhile employees of the City of Los Angeles held a protestation Aug. 16 calling connected the metropolis to extremity the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine mandate for its employees—enacted past December—and bring backmost those who were terminated for being unvaccinated.

As the metropolis assembly held its regular meeting, astir a twelve radical demonstrated extracurricular of the City Hall holding signs that work “medical freedom,” “defeat the mandates,” and “drop the shot” earlier going wrong the gathering to talk to the council.

Jessica Jimenez, a erstwhile LA Planning Department employee, said during the gathering that she was terminated successful June for not complying with the mandate, which was unfair due to the fact that the metropolis had relaxed galore COVID-19 restrictions for residents.

“While astir of the city’s residents tin bask their time and proceed to supply financially for their families, you are ending the livelihoods of metropolis employees who person been dedicated to their enactment for years,” Jimenez said.

While unvaccinated employees tin taxable spiritual exemption requests to beryllium reviewed connected a case-by-case basis, Jimenez said galore specified applications were denied, including hers.

“It is simply a shame that successful a metropolis wherever you beforehand diverseness successful respect to sex, race, gender, and religion, you are violating spiritual state by denying our religion exemption requests,” she said.

Her arguments were supported by members of organizations specified arsenic California Leftists 4 Freedom, the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, and the medical-freedom advocacy radical Free WeHo.

“There are nary pretexts near for this ridiculous vaccine mandate,” Ian Jameson, laminitis of California Leftists 4 Freedom, told the council.

Jameson mentioned however the updated guidelines released past week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) nary longer differentiate betwixt unvaccinated and vaccinated radical successful their recommendations.

According to the CDC, it is “because breakthrough infections occur, though they are mostly mild, and persons who person had COVID-19 but are not vaccinated person immoderate grade of extortion against terrible unwellness from their erstwhile infection.”

In airy of this change, Jameson said helium is urging the metropolis to revoke the mandate and to rehire each terminated employees.

“This full occurrence has been disgraceful, unscientific, and ridiculous,” Jameson said. “Admit you’re wrong. Do the close thing. Kill the mandate.”

The metropolis presently has astir 57,000 employees.

In March, the metropolis reportedly terminated 24 individuals for noncompliance with the vaccine mandate, Personnel Department spokesperson Bruce Whidden told the Los Angeles Times.

An further 53 had been warned done authoritative documents of their violations, and 7 Los Angeles Police Department employees awaited enactment by a disciplinary panel, according to Whidden.

In addition, astir 5,000 spiritual oregon aesculapian exemption requests are inactive pending—which, if denied, could effect successful much terminations.

A spokesperson for the metropolis did not respond to a petition for remark by property deadline.

Micaela Ricaforte