Former Kickboxer Andrew Tate Says Romanian Prosecutors Have No Evidence Against Him

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BUCHAREST—Internet property Andrew Tate said connected Wednesday determination was nary justness successful Romania and that the lawsuit record against him successful a transgression probe for alleged quality trafficking and rape was empty.

Tate, his member Tristan, and 2 Romanian pistillate suspects person been successful constabulary custody since Dec. 29 pending an ongoing transgression probe connected charges of forming a transgression pack to sexually exploit women, accusations they deny.

On Thursday, a Romanian tribunal extended their detention until Feb. 27. Prosecutors person said the Tate brothers recruited their victims by seducing them and falsely claiming to privation a narration oregon marriage.

The victims were past taken to properties connected the outskirts of the superior Bucharest and done carnal unit and intelligence intimidation were sexually exploited by being forced to nutrient pornographic contented for societal media sites that generated ample fiscal gain, prosecutors said.

They besides said Andrew Tate, a erstwhile nonrecreational kickboxer who holds U.S. and British nationality, raped 1 of the victims successful March past year, which helium has denied.

“They cognize we person done thing wrong,” Tate told reporters arsenic helium was brought successful for further questioning by anti-organized transgression prosecutors, the archetypal comments to the media since his arrest. “This record is wholly empty. Of people it’s unjust, determination is nary justness successful Romania unfortunately.”

Asked whether helium has wounded women, Tate said: “Of people not.”

Earlier this month, Romanian authorities said they had seized goods and wealth worthy 18 cardinal lei ($3.99 million), including luxury cars and properties arsenic a portion of the investigation.

“There is nary evidence against me,” Tristan Tate told reporters connected Wednesday. “The authorities are readying to bargain my cars and bargain my money. That is wherefore I americium successful jail.”

Prosecutors person said the seizure was meant to forestall the assets being concealed.

The Tates “are assured successful the defense, they are assured successful the grounds successful their favor, they person fixed a elaborate statement, they person collaborated [with authorities],” their lawyer Eugen Vidineac told reporters aft the questioning.

“We judge the defence is starting to instrumentality shape.”