Former NBA Announcer Sues Sacramento Radio Group for Wrongful Termination

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Former NBA announcer Grant Napear, who was fired by Sacramento vigor presumption Sports 1140 KHTK aft posting “All Lives Matter” connected Twitter, is suing the station’s genitor institution for wrongful termination.

Napear, the longtime TV dependable for the Sacramento Kings, was placed connected administrative permission by KHTK past June, conscionable 1 time aft a seemingly random speech with erstwhile Kings prima DeMarcus Cousins, who asked connected Twitter astir the broadcaster’s instrumentality connected the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Hey!!!! How are you? Thought you forgot astir me. Haven’t heard from you successful years. ALL LIVES MATTER…EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!” Napear replied.

The KHTK, wherever Napear hosted a speech amusement with erstwhile Kings prima Doug Christie, announced his dismissal the adjacent day, citing the ongoing unrest sparked by George Floyd’s death. Napear besides resigned from his tv occupation with the Kings.

“The timing of Grant’s tweet was peculiarly insensitive,” Bonneville International, the proprietor of KHTK, said successful a statement. “In the aftermath of George Floyd’s tragic decease and the events of the past respective days, it is important that we pass the the tremendous respect that we person for the achromatic assemblage and different groups oregon individuals who person origin to consciousness marginalized.”

In his ailment filed connected Thursday astatine the Eastern District of California, Napear alleged the determination to occurrence him was “substantially motivated by amerciable animus” based connected his “Gender (male), Race (Caucasian) and Religion.”

Napear besides alleged successful the ailment that nary 1 from Bonneville had ever told him whether helium was fired for “material dishonesty,” “misconduct,” oregon “other behaviour that mightiness discredit the goodwill, bully sanction oregon estimation of the company,” and that Bonneville’s connection made it dependable similar helium was fired “for cause.”

“Napear’s sentiment regarding the sanctity of each lives was not an enactment of misconduct,” the ailment reads. “Bonneville ne'er provided Napear with immoderate guidance, restrictions oregon different instructions oregon proposal regarding however to respond to immoderate questions regarding Black Lives Matter. The look of Napear’s sentiment during off-duty hours was not a usurpation of immoderate declaration word oregon provision.”

The connection “All Lives Matter,” according to Napear, is “entirely non-racist, factually existent and inherently inoffensive.” He besides said it is simply a “direct reflection and expression” of his “sincerely held spiritual belief” arsenic a Unitarian Universalist.

Napear is seeking mislaid and aboriginal wages, compensation for affectional distress and punitive damages, and ineligible fees, successful an magnitude that transcend $75,000.

Bonneville said they could not remark connected pending litigation.

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