Former Sec. Of State Colin Powell Dies From COVID-19 Complications

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Colin Powell guided American presidents done warfare and bid arsenic Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State.

Colin Powell's parents emigrated from Jamaica and helium grew up successful the Bronx. 

Powell was a geology large astatine City College of New York, and pivoted to ROTC.

He excelled arsenic a soldier, serving 2 tours successful Vietnam earlier obtaining a prestigious fellowship successful Office of Management and Budget successful the Nixon years. 

But backmost to the battlefield helium went, moving up to the fertile of General earlier joining President Reagan’s White House arsenic National Security Adviser.

In 1989, George H.W. Bush named him Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He roseate to prominence successful the archetypal Gulf War.

In 2003, a infinitesimal astatine the UN Security Council that would mar his legacy:  Despite idiosyncratic reservations, Powell laid retired the lawsuit for a caller warfare successful Iraq.  Eight years later, and countless injured oregon killed: nary weapons of wide destruction.

Powell’s household says helium died of COVID, contempt being afloat vaccinated. He was immunocompromised—in the midst of a conflict with humor cancer, which affects the body’s immune response. General Colin Powell was 84.