Former Sinn Fein Councillor to Be Key Prosecution Witness in Gangland Murder Trial

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Gangster dubbed 'The Monk' by murdered writer Veronica Guerin accused of ordering attack

A erstwhile Sinn Fein councillor volition beryllium the cardinal prosecution witnesser astatine the proceedings of alleged Irish gangland brag Gerry Hutch, who is accused of ordering a murderous onslaught connected a boxing property league successful Dublin successful 2016.

One Sept. 28 Jonathan Dowdall, 44, and his 65-year-old begetter Patrick pleaded blameworthy to facilitating the murder of David Byrne astatine the Regency Hotel successful the Irish superior connected Feb. 5, 2016.

Hutch—who has been known arsenic “The Monk” since murdered writer Veronica Guerin gave him the moniker successful the 1990s—was arrested successful Spain successful August 2021 and extradited to Ireland.

Hutch, 59, was owed to spell connected proceedings astatine the Special Criminal Court—sitting with nary jury—on Monday on with Paul Murphy, 60, who is charged with supplying logistical enactment to the killers, and Jason Bonney, 51, who is charged with by providing getaway cars.

But the proceedings was adjourned for a week pursuing a petition from the prosecutor.

Dowdall’s lawyer, Michael O’Higgins, told the tribunal connected Monday his lawsuit had fixed the Garda Siochana “material assistance” and was consenting to look arsenic a prosecution witnesser astatine Hutch’s proceedings and helium said his lawsuit should successful instrumentality beryllium sentenced to little than 5 years successful jail.

‘His Life … Is Effectively Over’

Dowdall is understood to person joined Ireland’s witnesser extortion programme and O’Higgins told the court: “His beingness and the beingness of his household is efficaciously over, helium volition person to get a caller start, and helium volition walk his beingness looking implicit his shoulder. Every speech with a stranger, helium volition person to punctual himself to beryllium discreet.”

Byrne, 33, was changeable dormant erstwhile six gunmen, dressed arsenic constabulary officers and equipped with AK-47 battle rifles, attacked associates of Daniel Kinahan astatine a weigh-in for a WBO European rubric combat betwixt Kinahan’s fighter, Jamie Kavanagh, and Antonio Joao Bento.

The tribunal heard Byrne was changeable six times successful an “execution-style killing.”

Dowdall and his begetter booked a country astatine the Regency Hotel and made it disposable to the gunmen.

Patrick Dowdall’s lawyers said it had been a “catastrophic mistake of judgment” connected his part.

The onslaught was initially claimed by the Continuity IRA but this was aboriginal denied.

Kinahan, who had flown successful from Spain for the fight, is believed to person been the people but helium managed to escape.

Hutch’s nephew Patrick Hutch, 24, was primitively charged with Byrne’s execution but his proceedings collapsed successful 2019 aft the elder investigating serviceman successful the case, Detective Superintendent Colm Fox, committed termination by weapon astatine a Dublin constabulary station.

In the aftermath of the Regency Hotel shooting astatine slightest 16 radical were killed successful tit-for-tat attacks blamed connected the alleged Hutch–Kinahan feud.

The Regency Hotel onslaught was allegedly a revenge onslaught by Gerry Hutch aft his nephew Gary was changeable dormant successful Spain successful September 2015.

Daniel Kinahan wanted posters Wanted posters showing the U.S. government’s $5 cardinal reward for apprehension of Daniel Kinahan and associates are displayed astatine Dublin City Hall connected April 12, 2022. (Niall Carson/PA).

Kinahan is believed to beryllium surviving successful Dubai, and successful April the United Arab Emirates froze his assets aft the U.S. Treasury announced sanctions against what it called the Kinahan Organized Crime Group and rewards of $5 cardinal each for accusation starring to the apprehension and condemnation of Kinahan and respective others.

Kinahan was a person of British satellite heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who publically thanked him successful June 2020 for his efforts to enactment unneurotic a lucrative combat with Anthony Joshua.

MTK Global, a boxing promotions institution linked to Kinahan, ceased operations successful April 2022.

Mr. Justice Tony Hunt, 1 of a sheet of 3 judges, said Dowdall and his begetter would beryllium sentenced connected Oct. 17.

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