Former Washington State Football Coach Plans To Sue University

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By Associated Press
October 20, 2021

An lawyer for Nick Rolovich said helium intends to instrumentality ineligible enactment aft Rolovich was fired for failing to comply with the state's vaccine mandate.

Former Washington State manager Nick Rolovich's termination for refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccination was unlawful and an onslaught connected his Catholic faith, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Attorney Brian Fahling besides said successful a connection that Rolovich intends to instrumentality ineligible enactment and that the litigation volition item what the lawyer called diversion manager Pat Chun's “animus towards Coach Rolovich’s sincerely held spiritual beliefs” and his dishonesty astatine the disbursal of the erstwhile coach.

Rolovich and 4 of his assistants were fired Monday for not complying with the governor’s mandate that each authorities employees beryllium vaccinated against the coronavirus. The lawyer said Rolovich was escorted by field constabulary to his car and not allowed to talk to the squad oregon sojourn his bureau aft his dismissal.

Rolovich had requested a spiritual exemption but it was denied Monday, the state’s vaccination deadline.

“The instauration besides indicated that adjacent if the exemption had been granted, nary accommodation would person been made,” Fahling said successful the statement.

The connection didn't specify Rolovich's spiritual grounds for seeking an exemption and the manager himself had declined to sermon details successful caller weeks.

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