France Rejects UK Proposal for Joint Patrols in English Channel

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France has formally rejected the UK government’s telephone for associated patrols connected the French seashore to forestall illegal immigrants from crossing the English Channel successful tiny boats.

In a missive to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French Prime Minister Jean Castex said his authorities “cannot accept” the beingness of British unit due to the fact that it would compromise French sovereignty.

It was a effect to a petition made by Johnson past week for the 2 countries to “go further and faster together” to woody with the illegal immigration situation successful the English Channel, pursuing the sinking of a vessel carrying amerciable immigrants connected Nov. 24 with the nonaccomplishment of 27 lives.

Johnson called connected Paris to instrumentality backmost the amerciable immigrants and let British borderline officials to patrol jointly with their French counterparts connected the beaches of bluish France.

In his letter, Castex wrote: “We person ever accepted to analyse and sermon successful bully religion British proposals of reinforcement and cooperation. We person accepted some, we person declined others.”

“We cannot accept, for example, that British constabulary officers oregon soldiers patrol our coasts. It comes from our sovereignty,” the missive said, according to French paper Le Monde.

The French premier curate said much than 700 constabulary officers and gendarmes were already covering the country astir Dunkirk and Calais to forestall tiny boats carrying amerciable immigrants from taking to the water.

But helium said these efforts “only licence america to incorporate the phenomenon, not to bring a lasting response.”

Castex suggested that, alternatively of blaming France for the crisis, the UK indispensable bash much to marque itself little charismatic to amerciable immigrants.

“Indeed, overmuch of the solution does not prevarication successful France, but successful the UK. Indeed, lone you tin dissuade migrants who bash not mean to settee determination from coming to your territory by implementing a much effectual instrumentality policy,” said the letter, according to The Daily Telegraph.

“Only you tin weaken the channels of irregular migration by opening ineligible migration channels to those who person morganatic reasons for wanting to travel to your country. Only you tin guarantee that your labour marketplace is sufficiently controlled to discourage applicants for amerciable work,” helium wrote.

In effect to the letter, a UK authorities spokesperson said: “Last week’s devastating events were a tragic reminder of the dangers of these crossings and similar our French neighbours the UK authorities is determined to forestall further nonaccomplishment of beingness successful the Channel.

“We basal acceptable to sermon each options successful the tone of our adjacent practice and partnership, and arsenic a shared, planetary situation it is captious we code amerciable migration collectively and urgently.”

PA contributed to this report.

Alexander Zhang