Francisco Alvarez may get Derek Jeter treatment during Mets playoff run

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It sounds similar the Mets volition person Francisco Alvarez successful the dugout erstwhile the playoffs begin, whether he’s portion of the seat oregon not.

MLB’s top-ranked imaginable finished the regular play Wednesday by making his archetypal vocation commencement astatine catcher and drafting 2 walks successful 4 sheet appearances arsenic the Mets bushed the Washington Nationals, 9-2. It was an important encore to his archetypal 2 vocation hits — including a 439-foot location tally — successful the second-to-last game.

“I thought helium was bully and quiet,” Showalter said of Alvarez’s archetypal extended enactment down the plate. “One of those things erstwhile you don’t announcement a guy. … I was arrogant of him. He caught the shot good and presented it good [to the umpire].”

The Mets person until noon Friday to finalize their 26-man playoff roster for the wild-card circular against the San Diego Padres. If included, Alvarez, who made his MLB debut past week erstwhile the Mets were swept by the Atlanta Braves successful a pressure-packed series, could supply a powerfulness bat disconnected the bench. No. 3 catcher security besides allows for in-game maneuvering and guards against wounded to Tomas Nido and James McCann.

“He’s nether consideration,” Showalter said. “We’re fortunate to person bully options. He’s 1 of them.”

Francisco AlvarezMets rookie catcher Francisco Alvarez deed his archetypal large league location tally successful the second-to-last crippled of the season.Robert Sabo

As manager of the Yankees successful 1995, Showalter kept apical imaginable Derek Jeter astir the squad adjacent though helium wasn’t eligible to play truthful helium could soak successful the ambiance of a playoff bid against the Seattle Mariners. That turned retired OK. Would Alvarez beryllium afforded the aforesaid payment if helium doesn’t marque the cut?

“He’s a large beardown young man. I’m not going to archer him immoderate differently,” Showalter said. “I would deliberation that’s a possibility, if it’s ineligible to bash it.”

MLB rules let teams to person a tenable fig of non-roster players successful the dugout passim the postseason.

“He’s a precise superior guy,” Showalter said. “You tin archer players are drawn to him.”

With each the attraction connected the playoffs, Alvarez’s improvement sparked a premature thought successful Showalter’s head. He doesn’t privation Alvarez to miss immoderate portion of Mets outpouring grooming to articulation Team Venezuela successful the World Baseball Classic successful March 2023.

“Who’s the catcher for Venezuela successful the WBC?” Showalter said. “I tin archer you who it won’t be. He needs to beryllium successful St. Lucie.”

Before then, Alvarez mightiness get a accidental to assistance the Mets successful a large October moment, similar truthful galore different late-season call-ups turned postseason X factors person during teams’ heavy playoff runs.

Mets pitcher Trevor Williams said helium and Alvarez had a “great archetypal date” throwing successful the bullpen Tuesday and were “on the aforesaid leafage relatively” during Williams’ six innings Wednesday.

“He’s been putting successful the enactment down the scenes catching a batch of bullpens this twelvemonth for guys,” Williams said. “If helium has to travel successful in a pinch, he’s going to beryllium much than ready. For him to person occurrence with the homer and the treble and get the commencement for america contiguous was huge.”