Freddie Freeman may love Atlanta, but there’s a path for him to end up a Yankee

1 year ago 99

Last week I dug successful connected the Yankees’ archetypal basal possibilities and beauteous overmuch dismissed Freddie Freeman.

I person not truly travel disconnected of that. I inactive judge that helium volition re-sign with the Braves. Freeman is the look of the franchise, an elite subordinate and was cardinal to the enactment winning its archetypal rubric successful a 4th of a century. The absorption successful Atlanta would beryllium acold worse if the Braves fto Freeman spell than, for example, the absorption successful New York if a twelvemonth from present the Yankees fto Aaron Judge leave.

But erstwhile a subordinate gets to escaped bureau — wherever Freeman is present — it opens a door, even, arsenic successful this case, ever truthful slightly. Egos tin beryllium hurt, hostility tin surface, a suitor oregon 2 tin susurration saccharine dollar levels successful your ears. Literally, Freeman tin motion anyplace opening astatine 5 p.m. Sunday.

Publicly, Freeman has made it wide helium does not privation to leave his career-long team, and Braves president of shot operations Alex Anthopoulos is connected grounds arsenic saying helium believes the sides volition enactment retired a semipermanent deal. On the field, astir 45 minutes aft the World Series concluded, Braves president Terry McGuirk said, “I emotion him. We are not going to speech astir that tonight.”