Gabrielle Clark: My Son Is Not an Oppressor Just Because He Looks White

1 year ago 187

“You can’t conscionable archer people, ‘Well, you’re a racist due to the fact that you’re a white,’ oregon ‘You’re a unfortunate due to the fact that you’re black.’ That is wholly and wholly asinine.”

In this episode, we beryllium down with Gabrielle Clark, a Nevada ma who is suing her son’s school. She says a sociology people forced her biracial lad to place himself with words similar “privileged” oregon “oppressor” and gave him a failing people aft helium refused to bash so.

Now an advocator with No Left Turn successful Education, Clark says her program is to “do everything legally imaginable to halt this indoctrination nonsense successful each azygous classroom, successful each azygous schoolhouse territory successful America.”

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