Geert Jan van Oldenborgh obituary

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Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, who has died aged 59 of aggregate myeloma, was co-founder and subordinate of a squad of scientists who identified — astatine velocity and portion politically a blistery taxable — the links betwixt human-induced clime alteration and wood fires, heatwaves, drought, flood and different circumstantial meteorological catastrophes.

This is trickier than it sounds. Extreme events person ever happened, and for decades astir clime scientists were not consenting to accidental that this oregon that flood oregon heatwave was straight powered by ever-higher greenhouse state emissions driven by profligate fossil substance use. If they did, it was usually agelong aft the event.

That began to alteration six years ago, erstwhile Oldenborgh co-founded World Weather Attribution, an inaugural designed to analyse with scrupulous attraction the awesome of clime alteration wrong idiosyncratic and seemingly random utmost upwind events.

In August 2021 helium and colleagues established that the murderous floods of July 2021– successful which much than 200 died – successful Belgium and Germany were made importantly much probable by planetary heating. In July, the researchers recovered the unprecedented temperatures that successful June scorched the US Pacific northwest and Canada would person been “virtually impossible” without clime change. After an unusually lukewarm March, abrupt April frosts devastated vineyards and orchards successful cardinal France; by June, Oldenborgh and his collaborators had identified erstwhile again the fingerprint of clime change.

And successful this twelvemonth alone, utilizing the accepted – and overmuch slower – mean of the peer-reviewed technological paper, Oldenborgh and his partners besides established the relation of human-triggered clime alteration successful the wood fires that seared Sweden successful 2018; the hazard of Australian bushfires; the signifier of drought and higher temperatures successful East Africa; and the heatwaves that deed Europe successful June and July 2019. A 5th survey pronounced the prolonged vigor successful Siberia successful 2020 “almost impossible” without quality influence. All this successful the past 10 months of his life.

He was besides the creator and guardian of an bonzer integer level called Climate Explorer, location to a immense assembly of information – including systematic measurements of planetary temperatures; planetary ozone loss; sunspot counts; oversea existent strengths; oversea crystal cover; UK temperatures since 1772; Netherlands rainfall since 1906; water temperatures to depths of 100 metres, 700 metres and 2,000 metres; tropical cyclones and Atlantic hurricanes; Asian monsoon droughts reconstructed from 1300 to 2005; and adjacent Netherlands beechnut harvests from 1930 to 1967 – each present exploited by thousands of researchers worldwide.

In April, his enactment with Climate Explorer earned him the European Meteorological Society’s exertion accomplishment award. In the aforesaid month, helium was made a knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion for his research. In September, his enactment with World Weather Attribution earned Oldenborgh and his probe spouse Friederike Otto, of Imperial College London, a spot among Time magazine’s yearly database of the world’s astir influential people.

He was calved successful Rotterdam to Jan van Oldenborgh, a lawyer, and Wil Lijbrink, a psychoanalyst. While inactive astatine schoolhouse successful the Netherlands helium won a assistance to Lester B Pearson College, adjacent Victoria, British Columbia, wherever helium studied Chinese. He graduated from Leiden University successful the Netherlands successful 1986 with a master’s grade successful theoretical physics, which helium pursued on with mathematics and Chinese, and past successful 1990 completed his PhD astatine the University of Amsterdam, and astatine NIKHEF, the Netherlands Institute of Nuclear and High Energy Physics.

He taught and continued probe into simple particles astatine the Ludwig Maximilian University successful Munich and the Paul Scherrer Institute successful Switzerland, and returned to Leiden successful 1994.

In 1996 helium joined the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, known arsenic KNMI, to statesman moving connected ways to amended forecasts of that recurring earthy clime improvement successful the Pacific known arsenic El Niño, which each fewer years upsets planetary upwind patterns. “Climate probe turned retired to beryllium overmuch much suited to my property and connection much possibilities,” helium told an interviewer past year, “and hence it was simpler to marque important contributions. It was besides overmuch easier to explicate to the nationalist and the answers much applicable for society.”

He enactment his sanction to much than 150 peer-reviewed probe papers. His probe vocation took him into the analyzable worlds of seasonal forecasting, clime modelling and – yet – lawsuit attribution. He contributed straight to 1 of the planetary reports by the Intergovernmental Panel connected Climate Change successful 2013, and successful 2019 was appointed visiting prof astatine the University of Oxford.

He would aboriginal callback 2 “really nice” moments successful subject erstwhile helium felt helium had discovered thing new. The archetypal had been during his vocation arsenic a particle physicist. The 2nd occurred portion brainstorming with a KNMI workfellow to recognize wherefore Antarctica could beryllium melting portion the grade of the oversea crystal astir it was increasing. They reasoned that warming water currents would beryllium eating distant astatine the basal of the support ice, while, counterintuitively, the melting onshore crystal made it imaginable for the country of the support to summation successful the confederate winter. “In my possibly simplistic doctrine of science, the information is the mode the satellite truly operates. The technological method prescribes a mode to approximate this truth,” helium said. “Although it tin ne'er afloat picture it, it tin travel closer.”

In 1982, helium met his wife, Mandy, a psychotherapist and objective psychologist; they joined successful 1987 and had 3 sons. In 2013, helium was diagnosed with Kahler’s disease, an incurable signifier of humor crab besides known arsenic aggregate myeloma. “I had been walking astir with it for astatine slightest 1 and a fractional years earlier that,” helium said.

But helium continued to enactment done years of treatment. On 20 September helium apologised for a trouble connected the Climate Explorer website. “Unfortunately, my wellness lone allowed maine to hole it tonight,” helium wrote. “Please study remaining problems.” It was his past entry.

He is survived by Mandy and their sons, Elwin, Leon and Ingo.