Gene Simmons lists Las Vegas home overlooking the strip for $15M

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Gene Simmons lists Las Vegas luxury location  for $15 million. Gene Simmons lists Las Vegas luxury location for $15 million.

Gene Simmons is listing his extravagant Las Vegas estate for $15 million, little than a twelvemonth aft helium purchased it.

The Kiss frontman archetypal bought the location backmost successful May for $8.2 million. If Simmons, 72, lands the merchantability for his asking price, helium would beryllium making 1 hefty return.

The determination comes aft Simmons revealed that his household was not peculiarly fond of Sin City.

“They’re not fans of 115-degree weather,” Simmons said of his wife, model Shannon Tweed, and their 2 big children successful an interrogation with the Wall Street Journal.

Since his purchase, the Nevada location has mostly sat vacant.

Spanning nearly 11,000 quadrate feet, the location has six bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. 
With a batch of astir 1 acre, the spot offers an expansive plot that includes 133, walking paths and desert-friendly artificial turf.

The location  spans implicit    11,000 quadrate  feet.The location spans astir 11,000 quadrate feet.
The pool.The pool.
The foyer.The courtyard leads to the entryway of the home.
The modern   staircase.The modern staircase.
The 2nd  level   hallway with solid  walls and unfastened  space.The 2nd level hallway with solid walls and unfastened space.
The location  has sliding solid  doorway  for casual  indoor-outdoor access.The location has sliding solid doors for casual indoor-outdoor access.

Features see a courtyard introduction with a floating pathway implicit a Koi pond, disappearing solid walls passim the spot to blend the indoor and outdoor spaces, according to the listing.

The location is built with earthy stone, wood accents and unfinished factual to make a “sensory experience,” the listing states.

An 11-car store is besides built into the home.

The ceremonial  surviving  country   which looks retired  to the Las Vegas strip.The ceremonial surviving country looks retired to the Las Vegas strip.
The room  with treble  islands.The room with treble islands.
The presumption    of the Las Vegas portion   astatine  night.The presumption of the Las Vegas portion astatine nighttime successful different sitting area.
A presumption    of the unfastened  level  plan.A presumption of the unfastened level plan.
The outdoor patio and amusement  area.The outdoor patio and amusement area.
One of 8 bathrooms.One of 8 bathrooms.

“How galore houses bash you request anyway?” Simmons quipped. 

In a erstwhile interrogation with The Post, Simmons revealed that helium was leaving his longtime Los Angeles home to determination to a calmer mounting successful Lake Tahoe successful a 12,000-square-foot mansion situated connected 4 acres of land.

“We are moving retired of LA for a fig of reasons: 1 of which are the circuit buses,” Simmons explained. “After a definite point, we person had capable of that, adjacent though we admit the attention.”

“I’m done. There are earthquakes, fires and pandemics each year,” helium continued. “Even though determination is bully sunshine, I’m done.”

Simmons said helium chose Lake Tahoe for a “quieter life,” among different factors.

“The prime of beingness is amended there, truthful we tin spell hiking without bumping into people,” helium added.

He besides said the “taxes determination are besides overmuch much appealing,” explaining that California has go “inhabitable” owed to its taxation rates.