Geno Smith ending Jets’ playoff hopes would be soul-crushing

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Joe Douglas didn’t draught Geno Smith. 

Robert Saleh ne'er coached him. 

There’s not a azygous existent Jets subordinate who was Smith’s teammate erstwhile helium was successful New York. 

So, there’s nary remaining baggage related to the 32-year-old Smith’s mostly failed 4 seasons with the Jets, who drafted him successful 2013 with hopes he’d make into the franchise backmost whom they’ve seemingly been searching for forever. 

And present we are now: Six years removed from Smith’s past play with the Jets, connected Sunday successful Seattle, shot destiny pits the Seahawks’ QB arsenic a cardinal fig lasting successful the mode of the Jets’ bid to marque the playoffs for the archetypal clip successful 12 years. 

How delicious for the viewing audience. 

And however unsafe for the Jets. 

If you’re a defeatist Jets instrumentality and a subscriber to the SOJ (Same Old Jets) theory, this is simply a crippled you fearfulness with each fibre of your being, due to the fact that these are the precise games the squad has mislaid excessively often to number implicit the years. 

The Jets absolutely, positively cannot suffer this crippled to Geno Smith oregon this volition beryllium placed connected a Mantel of Shame alongside the remainder of the franchise’s countless calamitous and star-crossed disappointments. 

Geno Smith throws portion    with the Seahawks.Geno Smith has enjoyed a resurgent play with the Seahawks. AP

If Smith extinguishes the Jets’ playoff hopes, it would beryllium psyche crushing — even though the journeyman has experienced a renaissance successful 2022, thriving arsenic a starter aft Russell Wilson’s exit to Denver and being named to the Pro Bowl. 

Smith leads the NFL successful completion percent (70.7) and has thrown 27 TDs, 1 less than helium threw successful his 4 seasons with the Jets. 

Still, he’s Geno Smith, the subordinate who, successful betwixt bouts of pouting and petulance, went 12-18 arsenic a starter for the Jets and famously was KOed by that locker-room sucker punch from then-teammate IK Enemkpali implicit an unpaid indebtedness close earlier the 2015 season. 

The punch not lone broke Smith’s jaw, it astir broke his vocation arsenic helium mislaid his starting occupation to seasoned Ryan Fitzpatrick, who led the Jets to a 10-6 season, the past clip they had a winning record. 

Smith started conscionable 5 games successful the six seasons aft the punch earlier taking implicit arsenic the Seattle starter this play and becoming 1 of the league’s astir astonishing storylines. 

If Smith harbors immoderate hard feelings toward the Jets, helium masked it good connected Thursday erstwhile speaking to the Seattle media. 

“Obviously, there’ll beryllium immoderate speculation and speech astir that,’’ Smith said. “I got a batch of emotion for the Jets. They drafted me, gave the accidental to beryllium successful the NFL and unrecorded retired my dream. My clip there, I truly appreciated it, helped maine turn arsenic a man. I’ve gotten wiser.’’ 

Smith steered wide of immoderate speech that this is immoderate benignant of a revenge crippled for him. Whether that stance volition stay accordant aft Sunday’s crippled should the Seahawks triumph is anyone’s guess. 

Smith, aft starring Seattle to a 27-13 triumph implicit the Giants earlier this season, wasted small clip earlier sticking a fewer needles into the Giants voodoo doll successful his postgame interview. 

“This crippled was for Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese,” Smith volunteered, referring to the Giants caput manager and GM erstwhile helium was with them successful 2017 and became a arguable fig erstwhile the franchise opted to commencement him implicit the beloved Eli Manning, ending Manning’s 210-game starting streak. “They believed successful me.’’ 

Geno Smith portion    with the Jets.Geno Smith’s Jets tenure was filled with contention and mediocre results. AP

Smith intelligibly couldn’t assistance himself. 

What mightiness helium person successful store for the Jets should helium decision them Sunday? 

When asked connected Thursday if helium believes an “unfair narrative’’ was attached to him during his Jets tenure, Smith said, “I can’t adjacent archer you what the communicative was. As acold arsenic playing, radical whitethorn person fixed up connected my quality to play this crippled astatine a precocious level.’’ 

Smith described his trials and tribulations with the Jets, including the KO punch, losing his starting occupation to Fitzpatrick and not being asked backmost aft 2016 “an astonishing clip for maine to turn and to go an adjacent much selfless individual.’’ 

“The mode things transpired wasn’t successful my plans oregon what I thought would happen, but it happened,’’ helium said. “It was the archetypal clip I hadn’t played oregon started since I was possibly 10 years old. Then boom, thing happens and present you’ve got to sit. 

“Obviously, a freak mishap [the punch], things happened and you don’t privation for that connected anybody. It was an unthinkable infinitesimal for maine to learn, but besides to signifier resilience and patience. It took a batch of patience and hard enactment to adjacent person an accidental to vie again arsenic a starter aft each that worldly happened. Obviously, I was capable to crook it astir and marque it a positive.’’ 

The Jets are Smith’s 3rd and last erstwhile squad helium volition person faced this season. He and the Seahawks defeated the Giants (2017) and Chargers (2018). 

“It’s chill the mode it acceptable up,’’ Smith said. “It was benignant of chill to beryllium capable to spell retired and spot immoderate aged faces and to vie and effort to triumph against them.’’ 

Nothing for Jets fans would beryllium much uncool than losing to Smith connected Sunday, eliminated from the playoffs yet again.