Geopolitical and Economic Reasons Behind China’s Support of Kazakhstan’s Suppression of Protests: Experts

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Large-scale protests precocious broke retired successful Kazakhstan, with the country’s president ordering the subject to suppress it with force. Chinese communist person Xi Jinping praised the Kazakh president’s actions successful the concern arsenic “decisive” and “strong.” Experts accidental determination are aggregate factors down the outbreak of civilian unrest successful Kazakh that person made the CCP authorities uneasy.

In the worst unrest successful Kazakhstan successful much than a decade, protesters are aggravated astir soaring substance prices and took purpose astatine the authoritarian government, arsenic good arsenic erstwhile president Nursultan Nazarbayev, tearing down a statue of him.

Kazakhstan’s caller president and Nazarbayev loyalist, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, said helium ordered troops to open occurrence without warning successful bid to reconstruct order. Tokayev accused foreign-trained terrorists of carrying retired the riot, but provided nary evidence.

Tokayev besides said that, astatine his request, Russia troops had arrived successful the state and stayed determination temporarily to guarantee safety.

Xi said that China opposes overseas forces inciting “color revolutions” successful Kazakhstan and immoderate “attempts to interfere with practice betwixt the 2 countries.” He besides mentioned that China is consenting to supply enactment to Kazakhstan.

International observers judge determination are deeper reasons down the Chinese regime’s enactment of the Kazakhstan government.

Prof. Feng Chongyi, a China adept astatine the University of Technology Sydney, told the Chinese variation of The Epoch Times: “The civilian strife successful Kazakhstan has much to its history. The people’s absorption to substance terms increases was lone a fuse, and down it is the semipermanent corruption of the country’s authorities and its oppressive cognition towards its citizens, and the economical plunder of the Chinese communist regime’s Belt and Road Initiative.”

As to wherefore Xi expressed enactment for the existent Kazakh government, Su Ziyun, a subject adept astatine the Taiwan Institute for National Defense Security, said that, if the colour gyration successful Kazakhstan succeeds this time, the radical who reason the concern strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative volition articulation forces, which volition decidedly alteration the CCP’s concern successful the country, each of which marque Xi Jinping and the Chinese authorities uneasy.

Su said it is worthy noting each the drivers down the protests successful Kazakhstan. One is geopolitics, due to the fact that Kazakhstan is adjacent to China’s Xinjiang region. In presumption of vigor security, astir 50 percent of Kazakhstan’s lipid and earthy state are present exported to neighboring China. The different crushed is the economy. China has invested astir $23 cardinal successful operation projects of its Belt and Road Initiative successful Kazakhstan. If the governmental concern successful Kazakhstan is unstable oregon the authorities changes, these Chinese investments whitethorn beryllium astatine risk.

In addition, determination are galore anti-communist China forces successful Kazakhstan. These radical judge that the Chinese regime’s concern successful the Belt and Road Initiative has planted a “debt trap” for Kazakhs.

Su added that the diplomatic oregon governmental situations successful the countries surrounding China are astir each unstable: successful summation to Kazakhstan successful the northwest, determination are Afghanistan and India successful the southwest, North Korea successful the northeast, Japan and Taiwan successful the east, and countries astir the South China Sea successful the south.

It tin beryllium said that Beijing’s planetary diplomatic exemplary successful the past decade—economic plunder and subject expansion—is the main origin of Beijing’s existent strategical predicament, helium said.

Luo Ya and Li Jing contributed to the report.

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