George Santos ‘did a lot of damage’ to modest Queens rental, moved amid campaign

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Three months ago, Rep.-elect George Santos and his sister, Tiffany Lee Devolder Santos, packed their bags and near their two-year Queens rental successful a atrocious state, The Post tin report.

The landlord and gathering proprietor of 151-47 12th Ave. successful Whitestone told The Post the 2 ever paid their rent connected time, but near the spot successful ruins.

“They had 4 dogs and they did a batch of harm to the place, truthful they left,” Nancy Pothos said.

The humble abode measures 960 quadrate feet. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Photos obtained by The Post amusement the residence arsenic thing but the lavish manner that Santos, who was elected past month to correspond New York’s 3rd legislature district, described having.

The fridge successful the room blocks the doorway truthful that you tin lone participate and exit done a flimsy opening. And the appliances look to beryllium rather dated.

The location  spans 960 quadrate  feet.The location spans 960 quadrate feet.
The kitchen.The kitchen.
One of 2  surviving  areas.One of 2 surviving areas.

While it’s unclear however overmuch the 2 rented the spot for, it’s estimated to beryllium worthy $2,900 per month.

Pothos bought the gathering successful 1999 for $200,000, records amusement — astir $362,000 today. It concisely listed for merchantability successful March 2020 for $749,000.

On Monday, Santos, 34, admitted to fabricating his acquisition and enactment acquisition to The Post, but insisted that the contention won’t deter him from serving retired his two-year word successful Congress.

The stairs starring  to the 2nd  level.The stairs starring to the 2nd level.

“I americium not a criminal,” Santos said astatine 1 constituent during his exclusive interview. “This [controversy] volition not deter maine from having bully legislative success. I volition beryllium effective. I volition beryllium good.”

Santos’ nonrecreational biography was called into question earlier this period aft the New York Times reported helium misrepresented a fig of claims, including wherever helium attended assemblage and his alleged employment past with high-profile Wall Street firms.

“My sins present are embellishing my resume. I’m sorry,” Santos said, confessing helium had “never worked directly” for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, chalking that fib up to a “poor prime of words.”

A 2nd  surviving  space.A 2nd surviving space.
The backmost  porch.The backmost porch.
The backmost  porch.The backmost porch.

Santos besides admitted that helium ne'er graduated from immoderate college, contempt antecedently claiming to person received a grade from CUNY Baruch successful 2010.

He besides lied astir his family’s history, claiming to beryllium Jewish with his grandparents escaping the Nazis during World War II.

Santos told The Post helium is “clearly Catholic,” but claimed his grandma told stories astir being Jewish and aboriginal converting to Catholicism.

GEORGE SANTOSSantos besides said helium worked for Wall Street firms, which proved to beryllium different lie.Stephen Yang

“I ne'er claimed to beryllium Jewish,” Santos said. “I americium Catholic. Because I learned my maternal household had a Jewish inheritance I said I was ‘Jew-ish.’”

On Tuesday, Santos was spotted walking with 2 of his 4 dogs into his caller Elmhurst flat that helium besides shares with his sister.

The Post has reached retired for comment.