George Washington University Rejects Students’ Demand, Keeps Justice Thomas’s Teaching Job

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Frustrated by the relation Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas played successful overturning Roe v. Wade, progressively minded students astatine George Washington University (GW) launched a petition calling for a revoking of Thomas’s teaching presumption astatine the institution’s instrumentality school.

Thomas has lectured astatine GW since 2011. According to the university, helium is acceptable to thatch this autumn a constitutional instrumentality seminar aimed astatine helping students get “a much implicit story” of celebrated Supreme Court cases by exploring “additional facts” that are lesser known astir the societal and governmental discourse surrounding the court’s decisions. The people is co-taught with Greg Maggs, a prof who clerked for Thomas and retired Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Last week, originalist Thomas joined successful a 6-3 bulk determination to overrule the Supreme Court’s 1973 determination successful Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion astatine a nationalist level. The caller determination doesn’t outlaw abortion, but alternatively hands the question of termination entree backmost to idiosyncratic states.

In his concurring opinion, Thomas suggested that the precocious tribunal should “reconsider” cases that were decided by the aforesaid logic that Roe was decided, including Lawrence v. Texas of 2003, which decriminalized consensual cheery sex, and Obergefell v. Hodges of 2015, which established a law close to cheery marriage.

The specified proposition that the precocious tribunal should revisit these decisions motivated progressive students astatine GW to circulate an online petition calling for Thomas’s removal from the instrumentality faculty.

“With the caller Supreme Court determination that has stripped the close to bodily autonomy of radical with wombs, and with his explicit volition to further portion the rights of queer radical and region the quality for radical to signifier harmless enactment without fearfulness of pregnancy, it is evident that the employment of Clarence Thomas astatine George Washington University is wholly unacceptable,” work the petition.

The petition further claims that Thomas has allegedly created an “unsafe” situation for GW students, arsenic good arsenic for students astatine “thousands of campuses crossed the country.”

“Make your dependable heard and assistance america footwear Clarence Thomas retired of Foggy Bottom,” the petition reads. The effort has garnered implicit 7,000 supporting signatures astatine the clip of publication.

Not each students astatine GW hold with the petition. The GW section of the College Republicans person condemned the effort, arguing that assemblage students are meant to beryllium exposed to ideas that are antithetic from their own.

“GW College Republicans is powerfully opposed to the caller petition calling for Justice Thomas to beryllium removed from the GW Law faculty,” the enactment said successful a connection to The Epoch Times. “One of the main assets of our schoolhouse is learning from figures crossed the ideological spectrum.”

“While galore students astatine GW are displeased with [Thomas’s] rulings connected peculiar cases, the escaped speech of ideas and opinions should beryllium valued—not discouraged—at an instauration of higher learning similar ours,” the connection continued.

“Removing Justice Thomas from the assemblage volition bash the top disservice to those astir fervently propagating this petition.”

In a connection released connected Tuesday, assemblage leaders said that Thomas is going to thatch his people this autumn arsenic scheduled, adjacent though his views “do not correspond the views of either the George Washington University oregon its instrumentality school.”

“Justice Thomas has been a accordant professional of the Court’s ineligible doctrine connected substantive owed process for galore years,” GW Provost Christopher Bracey and Law School Dean Dayna Matthew said. “Because we steadfastly enactment the robust speech of ideas and deliberation, and due to the fact that statement is an indispensable portion of our university’s world and acquisition ngo to bid aboriginal leaders who are prepared to code the world’s astir urgent problems, the assemblage volition neither terminate Justice Thomas’ employment nor cancel his people successful effect to his ineligible opinions.

“Like each module members astatine our university, Justice Thomas has world state and state of look and inquiry,” they added.

The petition comes arsenic pro-Roe advocates connected societal media barraged Thomas, the lone sitting achromatic justness connected the nation’s highest court, with radical slurs and derogatory presumption specified arsenic the n-word, “coon,” “slave,” and “Uncle Tom.”

Over the weekend, “Uncle Clarence” became trending connected Twitter aft it was utilized by histrion Samuel Jackson, who is black.

“How’s Uncle Clarence feeling astir Overturning Loving v Virginia??!!” Jackson wrote, referring to the 1967 lawsuit that declared the prohibition connected interracial matrimony to beryllium unconstitutional. Thomas is joined to Ginni Thomas, a achromatic pistillate and blimpish activist.

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