Get One-Way Flights for $19 During Frontier's Latest Sale

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Do your plans for the caller twelvemonth see traveling more? If so, you whitethorn privation to wage a speedy sojourn to Frontier Airlines’ website, wherever immoderate one-way flights are presently disposable for fares starting astatine $19 (plus taxes and fees). Whether you’re fortunate capable to beryllium capable to enactment remotely and person the flexibility to walk a week telecommuting from a warmer climate, oregon are looking for a getaway, here’s what to know.

How to get one-way flights with fares starting astatine $19 connected Frontier

First, let’s code the obvious: The $19 fares—or immoderate others connected Frontier oregon different airlines—are ne'er going to really outgo $19 erstwhile you origin successful the taxes, and the assorted fees associated with the ticket.

And, of course, successful bid to publication the lowest advertised fares, you’ll person to question connected circumstantial dates, which whitethorn not beryllium conducive to your schedule. But having said that, a little basal fare is inactive going to prevention you immoderate wealth disconnected the full summons price.

Also, immoderate of the deepest discounts that Frontier offers is done its “Discount Den” program, which involves paying a yearly rank interest of $59.99. But galore of the fares presently connected merchantability bash not necessitate rank successful the program. (For much accusation connected whether enrolling successful the Discount Den is worthy it, cheque retired this article from NerdWallet.)

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Anyway, a fewer examples of the one-way merchantability fares include:

  • New York LaGuardia (LGA) to Atlanta (ATL) starting astatine $19
  • Cleveland (CLE) to Orlando (MCO) starting ta $19
  • San Francisco (SFO) to Ontario, Canada (ONT) starting astatine $19
  • Denver (DEN) to Las Vegas (LAS) starting ta $19
  • Islip, NY (ISP) to West Palm Beach, FL starting astatine $23
  • Phoenix (PHX) to Chicago Midway (MDW) starting astatine $38
  • Philadelphia (PHL) to San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) starting astatine $43

How to hunt for fares wrong your budget

Whether you’re looking for flights connected Frontier successful this merchantability oregon astatine different time, springiness their fund hunt instrumentality a try. Go to the Frontier Flights leafage of the website, and scroll down past the archetypal hunt instrumentality (where you enactment successful the dates you’d similar to travel) until you get to the 1 that looks similar this:

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Then, participate wherever you privation to alert retired of and into, followed by the maximum magnitude of wealth you’re consenting oregon capable to walk connected the fare (not factoring successful taxes and fees), and you’ll (ideally) get a database of options. Again, this works champion if your docket is flexible.

Or, if you’re unsure of wherever you privation to go, oregon are flexible with some your dates and the destination, conscionable participate the airdrome oregon metropolis you’d similar to alert retired of, and it volition amusement immoderate of the lowest disposable fares:

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Once you click connected the tile with the merchantability price, the adjacent leafage volition database some the regular and Discount Den fares.