Giants aren’t overlooking former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles

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The Giants are facing a third-string backmost successful a win-and-in playoff scenario.

The Giants are facing a erstwhile Super Bowl MVP backmost successful a win-and-in playoff scenario.

Both statements tin beryllium — and are — true. Even though they overgarment precise antithetic pictures.

The Colts are sticking with Nick Foles arsenic their starter Sunday against the Giants contempt managing conscionable 3 points, failing to person immoderate of 10 third-down attempts and accumulating 7 sacks and 3 interceptions portion passing for 143 yards successful Monday’s nonaccomplishment to the Chargers. Those numbers are indicative of what you mightiness expect from a third-stringer, but Foles commands much respect than astir counterparts astir the league due to the fact that of his background.

“We each cognize what Nick Foles is susceptible of and you person to beryllium prepared for that,” information Julian Love said. “He’s a feline who’s been there, who has accomplished large things. He’s a feline you can’t slumber on, rather frankly. He has acquisition that you request to beryllium connected your ‘A’ game, for sure.”

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Foles is champion known arsenic the MVP of Super Bowl LII, erstwhile helium outdueled Tom Brady with 373 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns and a receiving touchdown connected the often-imitated “Philly Special.” He is 3-3 with 8 touchdowns and 2 interceptions and a 102.7 backmost standing successful six vocation starts against the Giants.

Because Colts-Chargers was connected “Monday Night Football,” Giants players had an accidental to get a jump-start connected watching Foles’ archetypal commencement of the play astatine the extremity of their time disconnected earlier diving into the movie Tuesday.

“I watched it astatine location with my woman similar it was a mean game,” Love said. “Didn’t truly effort to overanalyze it due to the fact that we person clip to bash that. I conscionable wanted to get a consciousness for benignant of however they were playing.”

Not well.

The Colts person mislaid 5 consecutive nether interim caput manager Jeff Saturday. Matt Ryan has been benched doubly — erstwhile for Sam Ehlinger earlier caput manager Frank Reich was fired and present by Saturday for Foles.

“I don’t deliberation making different alteration is going to spark it,” Saturday said.

The Steelers signed ILB Tae Crowder disconnected of the Giants signifier squad. The erstwhile “Mr. Irrelevant” draught prime started 8 games earlier this play but was benched for rookie Micah McFadden and yet chopped to marque country for Landon Collins, earlier re-signing to the signifier squad.